Huawei to launch Harmony OS fo...


Huawei to launch Harmony OS for its mobile phones by June

Huawei to launch Harmony OS for its mobile phones by June
The Silicon Review
31 May, 2021

Huawei Technologies Ltd., in a recent announcement, has stated that it is launching Harmony operating system (OS) for smartphones on June 2 in the US. Huawei's most significant move primarily aimed at recovering from the damage done by the US sanctions to its mobile phone business. The mobile developer will be using its own OS will mean it will no longer be reliant on Android.

The US sanctions had banned Google from providing the required technical support to new Huawei phones and access to Google Mobile Services, but now the ban has been lifted. The latest Harmony OS will only go some way to mitigating the impact that barred Huawei from accessing critical US-origin technology, hindering its ability to design new chips and source components from outside vendors.

Once the world's biggest smartphone maker, Huawei is now placed in 6th position with a 4 percent market share in the first quarter. The company stated that it would take a more "open source" approach to development and try to attract more software experts and other industry leaders.  Huawei will be releasing the latest Harmony OS by the end of June.