Microsoft to sell its major products at brick-and-mortar stores

Microsoft to sell its major products at brick-and-mortar stores
The Siliconreview
09 June, 2021

The software giant Microsoft has announced that it is returning to the physical retail market and will be selling products at brick-and-mortar stores. The company will start selling products at its "Experience Centers" in London, New York City, and Sydney by the end of July. The products selected by Microsoft will be available on July 1st, but the global chip shortage will create a big impact on what is available to buy.

Microsoft's most anticipated Xbox Series X / S consoles will not be available in these stores initially until stocks of these devices improve to meet demand. But other Xbox-related products will be available, alongside Surface devices and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Microsoft Experience Centers will also be providing its customers a way to experience their new products in person.

Microsoft will use these innovative experience centers to test and experiment and continue to evolve the knowledge based on customer feedback. The experience centers will be starting from July 1st, and the customers will be able to purchase select Microsoft products at the New York, London, and Sydney locations. Information about products being sold will be updated on the company's official website.