Shopify Expands its E-Commerce Pact with Google and Facebook

Shopify Expands its E-Commerce Pact with Google and Facebook
The Siliconreview
16 June, 2021

Shopify Inc., in a recent announcement, has stated that it will open its e-commerce checkout system to all retailers selling through Google and Facebook Inc., thus expanding an existing collaboration with the two US giants and it is the first time that the Canadian technology company has offered a product to merchants that don't use its platform.

Retailers who sell products using Facebook or Google properties such as Instagram, YouTube, or Google Maps will now have a chance to pay for their purchase using Shopify's Shop Pay. This will be starting in July for Facebook and later in 2021 for Alphabet Inc.'s Google. Currently, retailers have access to it through those social media platforms, but they must be Shopify merchants to use it.

Since its inception, Ottawa-based Shopify  is helping retailers set up websites to shift their stores online and has expanded to offer a suite of products, including shipping, data analytics, and small business loans, under its "retail operating system." Shopify sees little risk in opening Shop Pay. The company is confident that many of its users will opt to sell their products across multiple platforms, including social media, thus making Shopify's system even more valuable.