Nvidia Permits Health Researchers to Use Fastest Supercomputer

Nvidia Permits Health Researchers to Use Fastest Supercomputer
The Siliconreview
07 July, 2021

Nvidia Corp, in a recent announcement, has stated that it opened what it privileges as the fastest UK supercomputer to outside researchers, and this will include both academic scientists as well as commercial firms such as AstraZeneca PLC and GlaxoSmithKline PLC. The chip supplier has claimed that it has spent over $100 million on its Cambridge-1 system that predominantly uses artificial intelligence to solve health research problems.

It is reported that, in the case of AstraZeneca, for example, the system will learn about 1 billion chemical compounds that are represented by groups of characters that can be assembled into sentence-like structures along with the composition. "They can use the technology to fine-tune the molecules for aspects they care about, like binding to proteins or making them safe for human consumption," Kimberly Powell, vice president, and general manager of Nvidia's healthcare business said.

Many renowned and top universities like King's College London and a National Health Service will be using the supercomputer. In conjunction with the deal, Nvidia stated that it also aims to build a supercomputing center in the United Kingdom by using its robust Arm-designed chips, to improve its future healthcare-specific projects and products.