The UKGC and GamStop Protecting Players

The UKGC and GamStop Protecting Players
The Siliconreview
08 October, 2021

The online gambling sector in the UK is something that is constantly changing. There is rarely a dull moment as new trends are always emerging, and the authorities are reacting. There is a significant shift going on in the UK as the government reviews gambling legislation.

Whatever comes off the back of the review is likely to change the sector in a significant way. For some time, the UK Gambling Commission has been committed to promoting responsible gambling. However, there are some people who now think that this regulatory body has actually gone too far.

This is why certain types of gamblers have made the transition over to non-GamStop casinos. This article will look at what the UKGC and the other bodies in the region can do to stop this transition over to these offshore platforms.

What is the UKGC

The UKGC is the regulator of the gambling sector in the UK. It is tasked with issuing the licenses to operators, as well as making sure that these parties are all acting in line with the sector’s rules and regulations. The UKGC also helps to integrate new rules as time goes on as they see fit.

They react to changing situations or new trends. Some of the recent alterations that the UKGC has brought into place include the likes of spin timers, bans on using credit cards, and strict betting limits. The ultimate goal of the UKGC is to help cultivate a safe gambling environment for people in the region. It is seen as being one of the safest regulators in the world for responsible gambling.

How does GamStop Work?

The UKGC takes on a huge amount of work and this can be very daunting. Therefore, it also gets help from some other organizations. One of these is GamStop, which focuses on offering a mass self-exclusion program for gamblers in the UK. With just a couple of clicks, someone can exclude themselves from using any of the sites that hold a UKGC license.

These periods can range from six months up to a few years and they cannot be reversed once they have been put into place. This is a very good way to help people get their gambling into control and not get tempted by UKGC-licensed sites.

This service is completely free to use and every single UKGC-licensed platform is required to be a part of GamStop. One of the big issues with non-GamStop casinos is that people who have joined the GamStop self-exclusion program will still be able to gamble by using offshore sites. Naturally, this is not ideal and is something that the authorities are looking to address.

Other Resources to Aid in Problem Gambling

As well as the likes of the GamStop self-exclusion program and the various regulations that the UKGC has been bringing into place in recent times, there are other resources available to people who are trying to curb their gambling.

Most operators will have a range of account tools that can be put into place to reign in a certain part of your gambling. This includes the likes of setting a limit on your deposits, bet sizes, losses, and the length of your playing sessions. You are also able to put in place reality checks to make you aware of how long you have been playing. Then a cool-off period can give you a short-term break from a platform, while self-exclusion on individual sites is also a possibility.

There are also numerous problem gambling charities and treatment centres that can help people deal with their problems, including the likes of GamCare and begambleaware. If you are struggling with your gambling, you can get in touch with one of these organizations and receive the help that is needed to allow you to get back control. Then there are other types of third-party tools that can be incorporated.

Many banks will now offer a service whereby you can put a block on your bank account processing any transaction to gambling-related sites. There are also ad-blocking tools that will stop you from seeing pro-gambling messages online. Finally, you can get third-party software that stops you from being able to visit gambling websites on your various devices.

GamStop Sites vs Casinos Not on GamStop

There are some people who do not like having many restrictions in place when they are gambling online. This has led to these sorts of people moving over to non UK casinos like those offered on platforms like An issue with these platforms is that they are not going to have any sort of mass self-exclusion offering like GamStop.

There will also often be fewer player protection tools in place. You also will have access to debt accumulating payment options like credit cards, as well as not having as many bans on game features or strict betting limits. While players can get a lot more freedom by using non-GamStop sites, they will also have a lot less protection than if they were using a UKGC-licensed site.

An interesting time

It is an interesting time for the online gambling market in the UK. More people than ever before are gambling online. While most of these people are doing so in a safe manner, there are always going to be at-risk people who have to be looked after.

The UKGC is doing its best to promote a responsible gambling environment and trying to find the right balance between increasing restrictions while still allowing a certain level of freedom to players. A lot of people will be closely watching to see what changes the UK government makes on the back of its review on the region’s gambling legislation, as this could have a big impact going forward.