TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY Scam: Tourist turned up to a private home in North London Scam: Tourist turned up to a private home in North London
The Siliconreview
05 August, 2022

A woman in north London felt victimized after dozens of tourists descended on her home after her private address was placed on the accommodation website.

Tourists from Saudi Arabia, Los Angeles and Hong Kong turned up at Gillian's home throughout July. She had to turn them away and said was a scam. Gillian was surprised by hundreds of unexpected visitors at home.

Gillian found the listing of her address on the website, but the pictures were from some different property. She also claims the pictures were unlawfully copied from a legitimate accommodation site in Chelsea. said that her home had been "completely removed" from the site.

According to a spokesperson of, the firm takes security and safety very seriously, and the scam is unfortunate. The scam is a battle many industries face against fraudsters looking for advantages. The firm claims to tackle frauds and scams head-on. The company confirms that Gillian's property was removed entirely from the website of The customers were contacted by the customer care service team and apologized. They also offered support required concerning relocations, additional fees and refunds. The company said that they also extended apologies to the homeowner, Gillian.