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Canadian Ambassador tells Euro...


Canadian Ambassador tells European Union that deforestation rules are burdensome

Canadian Ambassador
The Silicon Review
01 December, 2022

Canada's ambassador to the EU has voiced concern with proposed European Union rules to curb deforestation.

Ailish Campbell, the Canadian Ambassador in a November letter said the deforestation rules will add "burdensome" requirements and will hurt trade between the EU and Canada. The European Union aims to limit the trade of products linked to deforestation worldwide. Climate campaigners called the resistance of Canada to the rules "shocking".

Ailish Campbell said that the objectives of the proposed deforestation regulation are supported by Canada, but it is a matter of concern that some elements will cause trade barriers for Canadian exporters. The ambassador asked for several revisions to the regulation, including providing a clearer and delayed definition for what falls under forest "degradation," which is a practice widely seen in Canada, according to climate advocates.

The ambassador's letter is called "outrageous" by climate campaigners because of the public commitments of Canada to environmental policies. The head of food and Nature at Greenpeace Canada, Shane Moffatt said that it is shocking that Canada is resisting such environmental measures in Europe to protect the remaining forests in the world.