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Bill Gates supports an Austral...


Bill Gates supports an Australian startup that targeted cow burp to fight climate change

Bill Gates supports Australian startup
The Silicon Review
24 January, 2023

The climate technology start-up in Australia that intends to lower the methane emissions from cow burps has received funding from billionaire Bill Gates.

The co-founder of Microsoft has been vocal about how raising beef has an adverse effect on the environment. The most prevalent greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide is methane (CO2). Methane is produced by livestock such as cows, goats, and deer as their stomachs break down tough grass fibers for digestion. Methane gas is produced during this fermentation process, most of which is then belched out once more.

According to academic research, giving seaweed to cows could considerably reduce their methane emissions. A Perth-based start-up called Rumin8 is developing a dietary supplement that inhibits the production of the gas using red seaweed as a model. It declared in a press release that it had secured $12 million in a funding round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which Mr. Gates established in 2015.

Additionally, the investment company has the support of Jack Ma, a Chinese businessman and co-founder of Alibaba, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.