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RealCall AI incorporates OpenA...


RealCall AI incorporates OpenAI's GPT-4 to prevent fraud and scam calls

RealCall OpenAI's GPT-4
The Silicon Review
05 June, 2023

RealCall AI, a rapidly expanding software provider that assists customers in blocking unwanted calls and texts, has announced a new update that incorporates OpenAI's GPT-4 into its service. The RealCall app can now use the power of OpenAI's LLM model to optimize its fraud recognition, categorization, blocking, and reporting procedures thanks to this connection. Spam and scam calls and texts are becoming increasingly common for people all around the world. They can be distracting, time-consuming, and even dangerous if used to steal personal information and cause financial loss. RealCall AI was developed to overcome the fraud and spam call issue and provide users with a more dependable method of blocking spam and fraudulent calls and messages.

RealCall AI, powered by GPT-4, excels at quickly and accurately recognizing and categorizing communications due to its extensive experience combatting fraud, spam and scams. RealCall AI uses LLM to filter undesired SMS. LLM is a machine-learning technology that analyses linguistic patterns to detect fraud, spam and scam messages. This dynamic method protects customers from the continually evolving techniques used by scammers. The new version significantly improves the app's functioning. RealCall AI improves its capacity to recognize and categorize texts for consumers by utilizing GPT-4. Users no longer have to waste time manually sorting through their communications to separate spam and scam messages from legal ones with the RealCall app. RealCall AI helps consumers stay secure and avoid spams, scams and fraudulent activities by blocking unsolicited calls and texts.

Furthermore, RealCall offers a reverse number lookup to distinguish genuine calls and texts from fraud, spam and scam messages, ensuring that customers never miss an important message. This function is especially important for business people who need to stay in constant contact with their clients and colleagues.