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US to implement tougher citize...


US to implement tougher citizenship tests with new sections on American history and civics

American implement citizenship
The Silicon Review
05 July, 2023

The citizenship test will feature fewer questions than the previous test.

The United States is set to revise its citizenship test format, a move expected to make the test tougher. The new test, which will come into force soon, has added new sections while some questions have been removed. According to reports, the revised test will include questions about American history, presidential elections, civics, and famous US landmarks. The citizenship test will feature fewer questions than the previous test. The passing score will remain unchanged at 60%. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has stated that the new test is aimed at ensuring that naturalization applicants demonstrate a deep understanding of US civic values, history, principles, and traditions. The decision to revise the test format comes as the Trump administration had placed immigration restrictions at the center of its policies. The revised test has been described as an attempt to ensure that US residents seeking citizenship understand the responsibility that comes with being granted citizenship.

Critics of the move, however, have argued that the revised test could undermine efforts to advance efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in American society. They argue that the new test may intimidate and discourage potential naturalization applicants who may be put off by the tougher requirements.