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Fridgely Mill Develops Climate-Friendly Technology to Curb Food Waste

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The Silicon Review
10 July, 2023

The technology team at Fridgely Mill includes expert chefs.

Fridgely Mill, a startup based in Montreal, has developed a climate-friendly technology to reduce food waste in households and restaurants. The innovative technology uses sensors to monitor food spoilage and consumption, enabling people to save money and reduce CO2 emissions by wasting less food. The technology team at Fridgely Mill includes expert chefs. Data scientists and environmentalists are also included in the team who are passionate about reducing food waste. The team recognized that food waste is a substantial contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and decided to tackle the problem by developing an innovative solution. The technology uses sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity of the food and the conditions of the user's fridge.

The data enables the algorithm to understand the types of food stored in the fridge and suggest recipes based on the ingredients available. Fridgely Mill also gives tips on how to store food properly to extend its shelf life and reduce waste. This new climate-friendly technology could save millions of dollars for households and restaurants and also contribute to reducing food waste that causes climate change. Fridgely Mill's innovative technology gives people the power to make meaningful contributions to the environment while also saving money on their grocery bills. Fridgely Mill's development of technology that reduces food waste is a positive step forward in our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also reducing household waste and saving money.