The Google Bard AI chatbot is ...


The Google Bard AI chatbot is now able to interact with users

Google Bard
The Silicon Review
14 July, 2023

Google Bard can voice its responses and comprehends 40 different languages.

In the most recent round of updates for Google's Bard chatbot AI, a few new features and capabilities were added. These included increased linguistic proficiency, more complex response controls, and the capacity to react orally in addition to text. The AI can currently communicate in around 40 different languages in total.

According to Jack Krawczyk, Bard Product Lead, users may now communicate with the AI in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish, and they can use the platform from more countries across the world, including Brazil and all of Europe. Google will continue to utilize the AI Principles as a guide, take into account user feedback, and take actions to protect people's privacy and data as it expands Bard to other areas and languages over time.

Now, Bard actually speaks. The company believes that giving customers the option to read or listen to the AI-generated responses would be very helpful for individuals who wish to hear how words should be pronounced in the 40 newly added languages. Bard's level of friendliness may now be modified by users more effectively thanks to five different settings for the AI's tone: simple, long, short, professional, or informal. Those are currently only available on requests in the English language, but the business is actively planning to expand their availability to more of the 40 "soon."