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Privacy-focused search engine from Brave can now locate pictures and videos

Brave’s Privacy-focused
The Silicon Review
04 August, 2023

Brave Search supports image and video queries, while upholding levels of access freedom and privacy.

You no longer have to visit Bing or Google only to discover images or videos thanks to Brave's search engine. Brave Search now supports image and video queries, enabling you to find material while upholding the same levels of access freedom and privacy. You won't need to be concerned about being profiled through your image searches or run the danger of accidentally excluding politically sensitive items from one search engine's index.

At least temporarily, you'll still have the choice to carry on your searches using rival websites. Some search options, such aspect ratio or licensing filtering, are still in the works, according to Brave. As long as you don't mind using a huge engine, the option helps you get the information you're looking for. According to Brave, having a "clear alternative" is more crucial than having complete feature equality.

The relative newcomer began offering its own search in 2021, but has distinguished itself from other competitors with a similar focus on privacy, including DuckDuckGo, by making an effort to avoid using third-party indexes. Although it is configured as the default in the company's browser, anybody can use Brave's search engine on the internet. By encouraging consumers to contribute to an anonymous Web Discovery Project, the business wants to reach a wider audience.