X (formerly Twitter) introduce...


X (formerly Twitter) introduces a ‘Highlights’ tab for paid subscribers

‘Highlights’ tab
The Silicon Review
16 August, 2023

The ‘Highlights’ tab would be useful for artists to promote their work.

X (formerly Twitter) has released a new feature called the Highlights’ tab on its platform for paid subscribers. The feature would allow users to select and showcase some of their best posts on their profiles on a dedicated tab. The platform already has the option to pin one tweet to their profile, but the new feature would allow subscribers to select multiple tweets for the new tab. The ‘Highlights’ tab would be useful for artists to promote their work. Subscribers can add any of their posts to the Highlights tab by tapping on the three-dot menu and then selecting the option "Add or remove from Highlights".

The new feature is part of the company’s growth plan to increase its user base by enhancing its offerings and monetizing its services. The company has been trying multiple growth strategies, such as providing its subscribers with a piece of advertising revenue and displaying community posts on the "For You" algorithmic timeline. Twitter had also turned TweetDeck into a subscriber-only product to increase its revenue opportunities. Its recent controversial move to slow down the opening time for links to The New York Times, Threads, and Bluesky had prompted its users to criticize the company. However, the company's spokesperson didn't confirm whether the delay in opening links was intended or a glitch.