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Texas Sees Success of Solar Po...


Texas Sees Success of Solar Power in Meeting Peak Energy Demand

Texas Solar Power
The Silicon Review
28 September, 2023

This thickness and pungency debunk a common argument against renewables.

This summer, Texas saw record-breaking electricity demand due to population growth and searing temperatures. Still, with the rapid-fire expansion of solar capacity over time, utility -scale solar power played a significant part in keeping the grid operating easily. During the loftiest peak electric demand hours, solar constantly handed between 10 and 16 of the electricity demanded, comprising 13.8 over 93 days. This thickness and pungency debunk a common argument against renewables. In many times, the growth of solar generation during the highest-demand months has been extraordinary; utility-scale solar handed just over 1 of all electricity demanded in 2019 versus 8 this time. Wind generation also increased, playing a significant part in powering the grid during peak demand.

 The battery storehouse played a pivotal role in stabilizing the grid, with an increase in installed storehouse capacity from less than 300 MW in 2020 to over 3,500 MW this summer. Texas has shown the world that renewables are dependable and can play a pivotal role in meeting peak energy demand. The success of solar power in meeting peak energy demand in Texas demonstrates the eventuality of renewable energy to provide dependable and predictable electricity. The growth of solar capacity over time and the role of battery storehouse technology in stabilizing the grid show a promising future for a clean energy transition.