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Irish Data Protection Commission seeks two new commissioners to oversee Big Tech GDPR compliance

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The Silicon Review
28 September, 2023

The new officers will work alongside manager Helen Dixon before her term expires.

Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC) has posted vacuities for two new officers to oversee scores of major tech enterprises' compliance with European Union (EU) data protection rules. The DPC, which has the power to fine companies up to $4 of global periodic development, is estimated to oversee the compliance of tech titans including Apple, Google, Meta, TikTok, and X( Twitter) and may soon include Open AI. The new officers will work alongside manager Helen Dixon before her term expires, and they must have a range of qualifications, including specialized knowledge of data processing styles and an understanding of data protection and human rights law.

A review has arisen around the DPC's GDPR enforcement on Big Tech, with sequestration groups regularly criminating the controller for not applying the required force to the frame duly interrogating platform power and its mischievous impact on citizens' rights. Accordingly, the controller's approach has been faced with review from peer authorities and EU lawgivers, with the controller constantly indicted of shrinking liability for big tech companies. The Irish Top Level Appointments Committee will make the movables, and the process will be nearly covered by spectators. The independent organization, the Irish Civil Liberties Board, has called for further reforms within the DPC.