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Spain's Correcto Raises $7M to...


Spain's Correcto Raises $7M to Develop a Grammarly-Style Auto-Editing Tool for Spanish Writing

Auto Raises Correcto
The Silicon Review
25 September, 2023

Correcto initially used rule-based NLP and a Spanish expression database.

Correcto, an initiative that offers a Grammarly-style bus-editing tool for written Spanish, has raised $7m in seed funding. The Madrid-based company was innovated in 2021 by Abraham López Lee, Ignacio Prieto Mayorga, and Antonio Triguero Noriega. Correcto initially used rule-based NLP and a Spanish expression database. The platoon has since launched a freemium web app and a Chrome extension, reporting 70,000 active druggies to date. Correcto's authors claim that their product offers grainy openings for mortal literacy through on-going feedback, in discrepancy to language models for Spanish that may produce low-quality textbooks.

The backing round was led by Octopus Gambles, with Carya Venture Partners and River Park Ventures also contributing. The rise of extensively available generative AI tools has disintegrated the competitive geography for AI jotting tools. Still, Correcto's authors argue that the quality of Spanish textbooks produced by language models substantially trained on English language inputs isn't great, which is why they believe their tool offers value. The incipiency plans to use the backing to continue developing its product and expand its platoon.