Proton Drive has released &nbs...


Proton Drive has released  encrypted cloud storage for Apple Mac

Proton Drive for Apple Mac
The Silicon Review
24 November, 2023

The program makes it simple to sync files between your Mac and the cloud, view them offline

With the release of its macOS client, file storage service Proton Drive's secured cloud storage is now accessible on all major platforms. Apart from Proton Drive applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone, the company is now providing Apple Mac customers with a privacy-focused substitute for Big Tech. In July, the business introduced its Windows end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service. Proton Drive plans start at $4.99 per month for 200GB of data, and the first gigabyte is free. The business stated in a blog post that Proton "does not tie you to any specific hardware or operating system, whether you use Mac or Windows, iPhone or Android, and if you use Proton Drive, you can move from one platform to another seamlessly without losing functionality."

With end-to-end encryption and privacy by default, the program makes it simple to sync files between your Mac and the cloud, view them offline, and clear up disk space on your PC. Proton Drive provides end-to-end encryption for all data across all devices, in contrast to iCloud, which does not offer end-to-end encryption by default for files and folders. Any changes you make on your Mac are mirrored across all of your other devices, and files and folders you store in the Proton Drive folder automatically sync online to Proton Drive. Moreover, modifications are stored as new file versions in Proton Drive for macOS.