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Planning to Try Slow Travel in 2024? Visit These 3 Destinations

Planning to Try Slow Travel in 2024
The Silicon Review
28 December, 2023

If you want to immerse yourself in a foreign culture, connect with communities, and savor your journey rather than rushing from one location to the next, then slow traveling might be the answer to your needs.

Slow travel is a philosophy that is becoming increasingly popular as it addresses many travelers' needs and wants. This approach emphasizes connection to local people, food, cultures, and music. Travelers simply want to have a deeper and more meaningful experience. But, the only way to achieve this is by slowing down your pace and spending some time in a particular place.

However, not all locations can adequately sustain slow travel. So we've decided to share three destinations that will be the perfect choice for slow travel in 2024!

1.  Kyoto, Japan

Japan is an outstanding country that shines through its particular cultural traits. Even though Tokyo is a popular tourist attraction, Kyoto is, in fact, the cultural heart of the country, as it was the imperial capital until 1868.

You can have a fantastic slow-traveling experience in the City of Flowers due to its countless temples, shrines, traditional inns, landscapes, tea ceremonies, cuisine, and more. Here, you can visit the Kyoto Botanical Garden, which is over 100 years old.

It is the most comprehensive botanical garden in the Land of the Rising Sun. The old geisha district of Gion comes with its own unique features and festivals. Here, you can dine in several awarded restaurants to experience local and traditional cuisine.

The Geishas also perform traditional dances and theatrics meant to take you back in time. A great aspect of Kyoto isn't just all these places you can visit and experience, but also the fact that you can do so on foot or by bike. Japan is among the most cycling-friendly countries in the world due to its highly effective administered roads and polite people.

2.  Tuscany, Italy

The region of Tuscany, Italy, is among the most culturally enriched places in the world, which greatly contributed to the Renaissance period. There are so many things you can do here. So, it would be a shame not to take an extended stay.

Florence, for example, nicknamed the Cradle of Renaissance, is the capital of this ancient region. Here, you can view some of Michelangelo's, Botticelli's, and Da Vinci's works in various galleries, such as the Galleria dell'Academia or Florence's Uffizi Gallery.

If you want to learn more about the city and experience a fantastic panoramic view, you can partake in the Guided Duomo Climb or a walking tour. Tuscan food also stands out by itself due to its famous meat and pasta dishes.

Oenophiles can experience some of the finest wines in the world in Tuscany and even partake in wine tours. If you want to relax even further or get adventurous, you can visit hot springs in Tuscany, go scuba diving, enjoy a hot air balloon ride, or hike in the mountains, among many other things.

3.  Oaxaca, Mexico

If you want to get a taste of Mexico, then you can only do so through a slow trip to Oaxaca, the cultural center of the Land of the Aztecs. A slow travel here won't just extract you from your day-to-day life. It will take you back in time.

Here, you can visit Monte Alban with an English-speaking guide to uncover the stories of the 6th-century BC Zapotec ruins. Surprise your taste buds with the "elixir of the gods," known as mezcal, or various other traditional drinks and cocktails.

If food is your game, Oaxaca has various traditional dishes and delights that visitors will love, such as the mole. You can also easily support the indigenous people by tasting traditional foods and buying uniquely designed handmade goods, including outstanding jewelry pieces.

This culturally rich destination also allows visitors to easily immerse themselves in colorful festivals and celebrations as they travel through various traditional craft villages.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Slow Traveling in 2024

While slow traveling comes with its advantages, travelers must be aware of their surroundings and inform themselves about the political situations and rules of each region they are about to visit.

Since slow traveling usually involves a longer stay, the theft risk is naturally higher regardless of the area you plan to visit. To ensure that you remain safe and protected at all times, here are some safety tips to keep in mind while traveling slowly:

  • Plan ahead your accommodation and transportation, and research your destination properly beforehand
  • Don't let your guard down in crowded areas, and always keep an eye on your belongings
  • Backup important documents such as travel documents, passports, visas, and travel insurance
  • Stay informed on local laws, travel advisories, and potential risks specific to the area you are visiting
  • Secure your online digital data and privacy

In some countries, cybercrimes are more of a threat than physical crimes, but they aren't necessarily as well portrayed or showcased in the media. For example, your bank account details and credentials can be hacked when you connect to your hotel or public W-iFi.

To avoid this and other potential threats, use a VPN to encrypt your online data and have a secure connection even while using public Wi-Fi. VPNs aren't hard to use. For example, NordVPN's application offers easy login and user-friendly services to ensure your online privacy and security.

Just ensure your NordVPN login credentials aren't exposed to other parties, and slow travel wherever you want without worrying about any cybersecurity breach!