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Avangrid launched pilot roboti...


Avangrid launched pilot robotic inspections for substations in US

Avangrid launched pilot robotic inspections for substations in US
The Silicon Review
14 Febuary, 2024

These models will interpret analogue gauges; capture thermal imagery, and much more

Avangrid subsidiary Avangrid has embarked on a pilot program aimed at revolutionizing substation inspections through the integration of cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), in collaboration with Levatas and Boston Dynamics. The initiative entails deploying a mobile robot named Spot, modeled after a dog, to conduct visual and thermal inspections at two Connecticut substations operated by Avangrid's subsidiary, United Illuminating. Pedro Azagra, CEO of Avangrid, noted the establishment of an in-house team last year to develop unique machine-learning models for enhancing reliability and highlighted the potential of AI to bring significant value to customers and stakeholders by increasing efficiency and reliability.

The pilot program, set to be executed at the Singer and East Shore substations, will test AI models developed by Levatas. Spot, equipped with a high optical zoom camera and an infrared thermal camera, will assess transformer and breaker phases. Additionally, Spot can be equipped with an acoustic sensor to detect sound irregularities indicating potential equipment malfunctions. The Singer substation will focus on evaluating Spot's speed and precision in reading analogue gauges, while the East Shore substation will test the robot's proficiency in inspecting transformers, circuit breakers, and capacitor banks. Initially, Spot will be operated by an on-site controller using a tablet, allowing for manual driving and autonomous mission setup. Avangrid is also looking on software solutions for future uses that will allow the robot to be operated remotely.