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Oasis Security secured 40 mill...


Oasis Security secured 40 million dollars for identity solutions

Oasis Security
The Silicon Review
01 Febuary, 2024

Oasis Security bagged 40 million dollars for cutting-edge non-human identity solutions

In a major funding initiative led by Sequoia Capital, Oasis Security has secured significant financial support, with contributions from Accel, Cyberstarts, and Maple Capital, alongside notable industry figures such as Guy Podjarny and Michael Fey. This injection of funds comes at a crucial juncture as the prevalence of non-human identities, including service accounts, secrets, and API keys, is skyrocketing within the dynamic landscape of hybrid and multi-cloud environments in organizations. These non-human entities present not only a security challenge but also operational intricacies, making them attractive targets for malicious entities due to their extensive access to sensitive data.

Danny Brickman, co-founder and CEO of Oasis Security, underscores the profound shifts in infrastructure and workloads, emphasizing those non-human identities have emerged as a critical weak link in enterprise cybersecurity. The compromise of a single service account or token, he notes, could potentially result in the malicious deletion of an entire cloud environment. Traditional tools designed for human identity and secret management are struggling to adapt to the scale and complexity of non-human identities, leaving organizations inadequately equipped and exposed. Oasis Security's innovative platform is positioned as the first of its kind, purposefully engineered to automate the complete lifecycle of non-human identities. Recognized for its simplicity and seamless integration with major cloud and on-premise identity sources, Oasis Security offers a solution that provides comprehensive visibility and in-depth contextual insights into each non-human identity.