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U.S. Embassy partnered with Mi...


U.S. Embassy partnered with Ministry of Health on Medical Education and Training Initiative

U.S. Embassy partnered with Ministry of Health
The Silicon Review
29 Febuary, 2024

Ambassador Hood and Ali Mrabet affirmed dedication to empowering healthcare professionals

Ambassador Hood expressed his utmost enthusiasm as he joined Minister of Health Ali Mrabet in celebrating the inauguration of an innovative e-learning platform and the generous donation of cutting-edge learning resources by the United States to 19 Ministry of Health training centers across Tunisia. This significant contribution includes essential audio-visual equipment provided directly by the U.S. Embassy, emphasizing a collaborative effort to bolster healthcare education and provision in the region. The launch of the e-learning platform marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of healthcare education in Tunisia, offering healthcare professionals unprecedented access to specialized training materials and resources. Through this platform, professionals can enhance their skills, expand their knowledge base, and stay updated on the latest developments in healthcare practices and technologies.

Moreover, the donation of state-of-the-art learning tools underscores the commitment of both the United States and Tunisia to investing in the development of the healthcare workforce. By equipping Ministry of Health training centers with advanced audio-visual equipment, the initiative aims to enhance the learning experience for healthcare professionals by facilitating interactive and engaging training sessions. Together, Ambassador Hood and Minister of Health Ali Mrabet affirmed their dedication to empowering healthcare professionals across Tunisia with the necessary resources and support to deliver top-notch care to communities. Through collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships, they strive to strengthen the healthcare system, improve access to quality healthcare services, and ultimately enhance the health and well-being of the Tunisian population.