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US Giants, PepsiCo, and IBM na...


US Giants, PepsiCo, and IBM navigated tax seas in Singapore

US Giants, PepsiCo, and IBM navigated tax seas in Singapore
The Silicon Review
29 Febuary, 2024

PepsiCo and IBM are reshaping the dynamics of Singapore's bond market

In the intricate financial arena resembling a grand chessboard, prominent US corporations like PepsiCo and IBM are executing strategic maneuvers that not only demonstrate their financial prowess but also underscore Singapore's evolving significance in the global finance stage. Through issuing bonds via their Singapore subsidiaries, these corporate giants are not merely seeking refuge from turbulent tax conditions but are strategically charting courses toward more favorable fiscal climates. This strategic shift, emblematic of a broader trend, is reshaping the dynamics of Singapore's bond market while heralding a new era in multinational corporations' approach to tax optimization strategies. The appeal of Singapore for US-based corporations lies in the potential tax advantages offered by the city-state.

Leveraging bond issuances through their Singapore arms, these entities capitalize on a dual tax deduction system, enabling the deduction of interest expenses from taxable income in both the United States and Singapore. According to a report by The Business Times, this strategic shift has propelled corporate bond sales in Singapore to a record-breaking US$51.5 billion last year, signaling a significant surge in bond market activity within the city-state. However, this surge in bond issuances reflects a broader strategic realignment among multinational corporations, aimed at optimizing their financial structures amid evolving global tax regulations. The notable increase in bond issuances from Singapore-based entities, including prominent sales from Pfizer alongside PepsiCo and IBM, contributes to a thriving financial sector within the region.