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Tessolve Partners with Renesas to Introduce Advanced Vision AI Solution for Industrial Market

Tessolve Partners Renesas Advanced Vision
The Silicon Review
08 May, 2024

This collaboration aims to elevate systems solution offerings in the industrial market segment

Tessolve, a renowned global provider of silicon and systems solutions, has forged a strategic collaboration with Renesas, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, to unveil a groundbreaking addition to its SMARC module portfolio. This collaboration aims to elevate systems solution offerings in the industrial market segment by harnessing the power of Renesas's high-performance RZ/V2H MPU.

The new SMARC System-on-Module (SOM) from Tessolve is compatible with the SMARC standard 2.1 version and is based on Renesas's cutting-edge RZ/V2H MPU. This MPU boasts four Arm Cortex-A55 CPU cores, two Cortex-R8 cores, one Cortex-M33, and a dedicated AI Accelerator: DRP-AI3 capable of 8 TOPS/dense and 80 TOPS/sparse. Running on Yocto Linux, the module supports up to 16GB Low Power DDR4 RAM and up to 64GB flash, while offering high-speed interfaces including PCIe, USB 3.2, SDIO, MIPI CSI, MIPI DSI, and Gigabit Ethernet. Moreover, the module is available in an industrial temperature grade.

This collaboration aims to empower efficient management of both vision AI and real-time control tasks, making it an ideal solution for autonomous robots, smart cameras, and machine vision in factory automation. Kiran Kumar Nagendra, AVP-Embedded Systems at Tessolve, emphasized, "Tessolve’s SMARC SOM, based on Renesas RZ/V2H MPU, aims to deliver an AI-powered computer vision system with a 360° surround view solution to the Industrial, robotics, and transportation markets, accelerating OEMs’ time to market."

With its robust capabilities and adaptability, this advanced solution is poised to revolutionize industrial automation, providing OEMs with a versatile platform that can be readily deployed or customized to meet specific industry needs. Tessolve's commitment to innovation and agility underscores its dedication to driving technological advancements in the industrial sector.