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Tech Titans Eclipse Global Mar...


Tech Titans Eclipse Global Markets: Microsoft and Apple Surpass BSE, US Tech Giants Outshine China

Tech Titans Eclipse Global Markets Giants
The Silicon Review
10 June, 2024

This monumental market performance underscores the dominant influence of American tech giants

In a landmark financial development, the combined market capitalization of Microsoft and Apple has overtaken the total market capitalization of the 3,851 listed companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). With a joint valuation of $6.14 trillion, these tech behemoths have surpassed BSE's total market worth of $5.06 trillion, according to official data.

Bloomberg's latest analysis reveals an even more striking comparison: the top three most valuable companies in the United States—Microsoft, Apple, and Nvidia—now boast a collective market value of $9.2 trillion. This figure eclipses the total market capitalization of over 5,300 companies listed on the Chinese stock exchange, which stands at $8.85 trillion, excluding Hong Kong.

Microsoft's surge can be attributed to its strategic investments in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly through its collaboration with OpenAI and the integration of AI capabilities into its products and services. This innovation-driven growth has propelled its shares to record highs, with a notable 15 percent increase in the past six months on the NASDAQ.

Apple, under the leadership of Tim Cook, made history in January 2022 by becoming the first U.S. company to achieve a $3 trillion market cap. Microsoft joined this exclusive club in 2024, followed by Nvidia, which crossed the $2 trillion mark in February 2024 and rapidly climbed to $3 trillion within just three months.

This monumental market performance underscores the dominant influence of American tech giants in the global economy, outstripping major international stock exchanges and setting new benchmarks for corporate valuation.