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20 Business Excellence Awards 2021

20 Business Excellence Awards 2021

Company Management Description
MLC & Associates
Prashant Kumar
President & CEO
MLC & Associates Inc. is an award-winning, world-class management consulting firm, recognized for helping companies in every industry with business continuity, corporate performance management, program and project management and organizational development.
Bang Energy
Jack Owoc
CEO, CSO & Founder
Bang Energy Performance Beverages and Sports Nutrition has been producing epic innovations for more than 25 years. The company engages in an unrelenting pursuit to create trendsetting appearance and performance enhancing inventions.
Olivier Marcheteau
Acolad is the European leader, and also stands among the top 5 worldwide in professional translation and stands out as one of the most dynamic players in its sector. Today, established in 25 countries and on 3 continents, Acolad is distinguished by its multi-local approach to the market, a specificity which has earned it the preference of many international customers.
Albert Fouerti
Since 1997, has kept its promise to deliver the best in brand name products to its consumers, at an affordable price. Unlike many other appliance and furniture retailers, the company offers free shipping, no sales tax, low prices and a price match promise.
Thomas Kim
Enfusion’s platform uses one golden source of truth to unify the front, middle, and back offices: from portfolio management and accounting all the way through to order management, execution management, and analytics. And the company has built it specifically to run in the cloud.
RealFi Home Funding Corp
Brad Bennett
Vice President
RealFi is a leading, technology driven, alternative investment management firm with expertise in real estate credit strategies. The company is redefining the mortgage process from the ground up by combining an innovative approach with an experienced management team.
Scott Logic
Stephen Foreshew-Cain
Scott Logic designs and builds software that transforms the performance of some of the world’s biggest and most demanding organisations. From capital markets and commodities to complex public services, its consultants combine innovation, experience and pragmatism to deliver measurable results with every project.
I Got Mind Inc
Bob Wilkie
Founded in 2008, I Got Mind’s focus is to promote the importance of mental health in the sporting world. Over the years of being heavily involved in sports, founder Bob Wilkie realized that the athletes he was coaching were heading down the same path he had travelled.
Oksana Management Group Inc
Oksana Kolesnikova
Founder & CEO
OMG believes that a child who discovers his or her passion — and ultimately nurtures it — quickly learns that knowledge is indeed power. And with great power comes great responsibility, a philosophy its instructors embed into every enriching lesson plan.
Hardge Global Manufacturing LLC
Lawrence Hardge
Hardge Global Manufacturing just don't invent products, the company invents products that will make life easier for your life.
Marc Ferrie, Founder and CEO RightITnow delivers real-time, cross-domain event correlation software that enables enterprises to optimize IT Operations processes so they can drive down costs, resolve problems faster and assure end user services.
Exemplary Marketing
Malik A Kurdi
Owner & CEO
Exemplary Marketing is a Chicago based social media marketing agency, delivering worldwide outstanding marketing solutions. In addition to Marketing solutions, the team also provides outstanding Application Designs & Development services.
NextGen Life Sciences
Dr. Nagma Abbasi
Founder & CEO
NextGen Life Sciences major objective is to be a leader in distribution of innovative biological products and services for the life science research and diagnostic market. The company provides complete solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, Bioinformatics and Consumables which researchers use in scientific investigation and diagnosis.
Scale Microgrid Solutions
Ryan Goodman
Co-founder & CEO
Scale Microgrid Solutions is the capital and energy partner you need to access more reliable, more sustainable, and more affordable power. The company aligns with its customers to reach its collective goals.
Blue Marble Productions & Blue Marble Cocktails
Alan Miller
Founder & CEO
Blue Marble is not your average co-packing and beverage company. The company is here to change the world and have fun while doing it. Blue Marble is a family business, with family values, supporting global awareness, conservation, and environmental initiatives through its “keep the blue marble blue” program.
Fashwire Inc
Kimberly Carney
Founder & CEO
Fashwire’s global platform provides its portfolio of 300+ designers from 35+ countries vital insight into consumer shopping behavior patterns on the popularity of new collections and future products.

Jim Douglas,

Armory was founded in 2016 to unlock innovation by making software delivery continuous, collaborative, scalable and safe. It powers innovation at dozens of the world’s leading enterprises, including Fortune 500 banks, retailers, and software providers, as well as hyper-growth startups across a variety of industries.
New Theory Creative
Jeffrey Fermin
Founder & CEO
Miami-based New Creative Theory is one of the cutting edge creative agencies that broke through the ranks and delivered quality digital marketing and advertising services to the likes of Cartier, Cultured Mag, and Rolex during recent times.
Joe Seok
MUZLIVE'S KiT not only contains music, but also the video contents such as concert videos, movies, and TV shows. It is expanding its area to various contents such as e-books and graduation albums.
Nomina Wellness
Lisa Klco
Nomina Wellness focuses on complex mental health disorders, including substance use, post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety, personality disorders, depression, and many others. It is Canada’s only facility offering customized levels, making its services highly effective and unique in terms of in-patient treatment.