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Scott Logic — Providing pragmatic solutions to complex software challenges


"Our leadership team and experienced consultants are driven by a clear set of values that underpin all our client relationships."

Businesses are established to grow and diversify. Expansion is an essential step in the life cycle of any organization. No firm can sustain in the long term without expanding its operation and accommodating market demand and changes. But at the same time, as your business grows and diversifies, technology remains a critical factor in overcoming challenges and realizing the value of new opportunities. Scott Logic aims to help you envision, design, build and run the software applications that meet your needs and deliver the unique services your customers demand.

For over 15 years, Scott Logic has tackled complex, business-critical problems for some of the world's largest institutions across a range of industries. The company banks on its pragmatic approach, combined with engineering and delivery excellence. It offers a team of permanently employed, professional technologists and consultants who are committed to your success.

Technology and architecture

Effective software architecture is very integral to your success in business. It supports business agility, enabling software that meets users' demands and works seamlessly with existing IT systems and processes. Scott Logic assists you in identifying and integrating new technologies and helps your staff close their own skills gaps. It is hard for companies to understand the actual benefits of new and emerging technologies and identify the aptest tech to gain a competitive advantage. Some companies often opt for technologies that do not fit their needs or scale to match their goals without the proper knowledge.

Based on its practical experience of similar clients facing similar challenges, Scott Logic can help you identify and assess the range of options available and select those that meet your requirements. It has more than a decade of experience in building large-scale enterprise systems that work and can help you deliver architectures that are designed for the present and the future. It works closely with you, your architects, and your engineers to provide practical guidance and direction. It helps you design and implement architectures that provide scalability, maintainability, security, and extensibility, creating new opportunities to extend your business reach and customer engagement.

In software, age doesn't matter. It becomes legacy as it constrains business agility and – unless correctly architected. In addition to helping you avoid this issue, Scott Logic works with you to address the challenges within your existing system, designing API layers that reintroduce flexibility and – through Open APIs – potentially provide new ways to monetize your content and services.

Application design, build and test

Designing effective solutions is very important for the success of your business. They must be designed for today's tasks as well as anticipating future demands. To achieve this, Scott Logic delivery teams work collaboratively with you, abiding by a unified, multi-disciplinary agile approach based on several key themes that align well with the client's culture and principles.

The Agile delivery approach draws on Scrum and SAFe, and is underpinned by a focus on engineering excellence, including a strong DevOps culture in all it does. Consistent with key principles of Agile, the teams work iteratively and incrementally, with a clear focus on value, driving speed to market, and early return on investment (ROI).

The company's pragmatic, collaborative approach to design focuses on business value, delivering a meaningful end-product with minimal waste. The test engineers develop robust testing frameworks to focus on the application's key functional and non-functional assurance. The company's focus is always on creating a long-term, maintainable application that can immediately benefit your business.

Data strategy, engineering and AI

Businesses today are much more dependent on data insights than ever before. With the rise in data with online digital services, data is much more detailed than ever, offering new and exciting opportunities to better understand your business and your customers and satisfy ever-demanding regulators. But data mining isn't easy. As organizations expand, their data sources increase too. It becomes increasingly complex to manage the data sources, control, and governance. It requires great expertise to put the data to some use.

Scott Logic works with you to develop appropriate policies and collaborate with stakeholders and data owners to ensure they comply with the rules and guidelines. As an expert in data technologies, it can help you make the right decisions to implement your chosen architecture, be that open-source, cloud-native, or commercial product.

Cloud strategy, migration, and optimization

Cloud technology is a proven technology that delivers on-demand capacity, lowers operating costs, provides development accelerators, and offers new capabilities, including AI and machine learning. However, the most significant benefit to be realized is that of business agility, providing a foundation for reduced time to market and rapid change. Scott Logic's consultants have great experience in designing and building cloud solutions with the three main public cloud providers and implementing hybrid and multi-cloud platforms.

Public cloud platforms give an unparalleled level of technical agility. Their pay-as-you-go model makes it easier to experiment with and evaluate different technology solutions, and the high levels of automation allow rapid iteration and feedback. This provides an excellent foundation for business agility, allowing you to respond to changes with a reduced time to market.

Moving to the cloud opens a new door to a whole new wave of technology innovation. Emerging technologies and techniques like MI, AI, and IoT become much easier to integrate into your business. It can help you understand the impact of these technologies and create practical solutions that deliver value to your business.

Service Management

Scott Logic's ISO-accredited service management function works in partnership with you, managing feature improvements (large or small) and providing the maintenance required to keep the application running optimally and securely, allowing you to focus on addressing your customers' needs.

Each service is configured to your needs. The company provides dedicated contact channels, which provide first, second or third-line support, integrating seamlessly with your processes. It also designs individual service level agreements to align with your needs and those of your customers.

Meet the CEO

Stephen Foreshew-Cain is the CEO of Scott Logic. He joined Scott Logic in January 2021. Stephen leads the Executive Team providing vision and direction to the company's mission to help the clients leverage technical innovation to transform their businesses. He has over 20 years of leadership experience from private enterprise and public bodies, including ITV, the Co-operative Group, and the UK's Government Digital Service. He has also worked extensively for consulting services organizations delivering mission-critical solutions for businesses' most complex challenges.

"We're incredibly proud of our consultants and the brilliant results they achieve for our clients. Much of this comes down to our passion for technology, innovation, and doing things right."