January Edition 2023

5 Best AI Solution Providers to Watch 2023

Company Management Description
Theresa Smith,
Partner, COO & CFO
SphereOI's mission is to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to new industries. The company is an AI engineering company with full stack implementation teams covering enterprise solutions, new products, and vertical innovation.
Johnson Joseph,
Founder & CEO
Tenet's mission is to create an AI-powered network to provide all SME entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and services they need to take their businesses to new heights and new markets.
NLP Logix
Ted Willich,
NLP Logix is an advanced analytics and machine learning data product and services company, which has grown from a vision in 2011 to one of the fastest growing teams of deep learning practitioners.
David Drai,
Co-founder & CEO
Anodot is the business monitoring company that eliminates business blind spots by proactively monitoring business metrics, enabling companies to protect revenue, manage costs, and improve customer experiences.
Deeper Insights
Jack Hampson,
Deeper Insights accelerates the growth of organisations looking to use AI for insights discovery. By using its advanced data structuring, prediction and insights algorithms combined in a beautiful visualisation dashboard.