May Monthly Special 2022

5 Best Medical Device Companies to Watch 2022

Company Management Description
Dan Purvis,
Velentium is a professional engineering firm, specializing in the design and manufacturing of therapeutic and diagnostic active medical devices. The company has experience working with all sizes of clients, ranging from startups seeking seed funding to established Fortune 500 companies.
Andrea Siller,
Co-founder & CEO
Bioana is an R&D company with a passionate, creative and skilled team that cares about improving people’s health by solving problems with simple design and clever engineering.
Novuson Surgical
Dr. Stuart B. Mitchell,
Founder, CEO & CSO
Novuson is a medical device company that has developed the only Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound technology for improving surgical outcomes
Bold Type Product Development
Jose Bohorquez, PhD,
Bold Type specializes in rapidly developing cutting-edge connected, wireless medical devices. The company is an expert at hardware and software development. It has been part of its DNA from day one.
Tom Oxley,
Synchron has developed an endovascular brain computer interface that can access every corner of the brain using its natural highways, the blood vessels.