October Monthly Special 2021

5 Best SCM Consulting Firms to watch 2021

Company Management Description

Dan Doles, President & CEO
Mojix is a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail. The firm is leading the way in item-level traceability solutions utilizing its high security, globally scalable cloud-hosted SaaS platform.
s3 Group

Senthil Angamuthu, President
S3 Group is a Premier Consulting firm providing strategic supply chain solutions and services to the Logistics/Supply Chain industry. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional operational, functional, and technical, supply chain solutions to our clients.

Nader Mikhail, Founder & CEO
Elementum’s SaaS platform centralizes information and communication to drive real-time decisions, enable cross-ecosystem execution, and ensure products are available at the right time, place, quantity, and cost.

Nishith Rastogi, Co-founder & CEO
Locus is a technology platform that uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to automate complex supply chain decisions. Its smart supply chain solutions provide end-to-end visibility and enable enterprises to enhance their operational efficiency by reining in costs, streamlining the customer experience, and reducing environmental impact.

Ben Eachus, Co-founder & CEO
Flowspace is a software platform for e-commerce fulfillment. The company’s easy-to-use, cloud-based software platform is integrated within strategically located fulfillment centers, enabling fast, affordable, omnichannel fulfillment, anywhere in the country.