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October Monthly Special 2021

Elementum – Digitizing Supply Chain Processes with Its Robust Service Management


Simply put, the supply chain comprises a wide range of chain of events from ─ design, planning, procurement of raw material, inventory, execution, manufacturing, to the final supply of the finished good to the consumer. Supply Chain Management (SCM) encompasses optimal execution of all these events through a sustainable, cost-effective, and low carbon footprint catering to the consumers’ demands satisfactorily. Whether operating locally or globally in a ruthlessly competitive market, no organization in the supply chain landscape can successfully survive over the long-term without SCM in place.

Elementum is the company behind the leading Supply Chain Service Management platform. In an age when supply constraints are increasingly common and demand forecasts are consistently unpredictable, it's more important than ever to maintain operational agility in order to hit service levels and keep customers happy. Its SaaS platform centralizes information and communication to drive real-time decisions, enable cross-ecosystem execution, and ensure products are available at the right time, place, quantity, and cost.

Best-in-Class SCM Solutions and Services Offered

Incident Management: Chronic supply chain disruptions are a constant drain on productivity and put revenue at risk. Today, most operations are overly dependent on tribal knowledge and manual efforts to resolve these exceptions. Such fire-fighting heroics are expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting for teams. Elementum Incident Management provides teams with a platform built to structure their process around their unique supply chain execution needs. Unified Incident Management leverages a single workspace where teams can create incidents, understand the context, and track progress. One can work with internal teams and external partners to quickly drive incident resolution integrate master data on products and locations to streamline incident management, which securely includes suppliers, carriers, and other partners in your exception management process.

Task Management: It lets you divide the effort required to resolve any larger work items into small work units. You can assign tasks to different individuals with precise due dates and track their progress. By creating Tasks within an Incident, you can effectively collaborate on, track, and distribute the workload required to drive effective and timely Incident resolution. View the entire team or manage your tasks with saved views; stay on top of due dates and manage tasks across all incidents. It ensures your team stays up-to-date with all task assignments, modifications, and due date reminders. It also empowers your teams with complete visibility into a single source of truth relating to a task's related incident.

Supply Chain Collaboration: Organizational barriers to information are everywhere, internally, and across partner networks. For example, customer service teams are constantly hounding logistics teams for the latest customer order updates, or sourcing managers and suppliers wrestling over incomplete material deliveries. These silos inflate the time it takes to align on and resolve unplanned exceptions. The firm helps companies stop chasing information and tapping into their multi-enterprise ecosystem's vast expertise to move faster. Its collaboration capability, teams are no longer wasting time trying to get the necessary people aligned when an unplanned exception occurs. Instead of stitching together email chains, disjointed texts, and piles of spreadsheets, teams can leverage a joined workspace for relevant context around team involvement and steps taken towards incident resolution. With this feature, users can tag partners such as suppliers and carriers to help align all parties on the necessary actions needed to course correct an unplanned exception. Partners can also open an incident themselves, and the essential users will be alerted. A configurable rules engine makes sure you get notified of only those problems that matter to you.

Security and Compliance: With Elementum, in addition to industry best practices in data segmentation, monitoring, and encryption, your data flow with your ownership tag. This enables us to keep your data secure, apply governance rules, and ensure your data remains yours. Plus, you have control over what connections you want to share with your multi-enterprise supply chain partners.

The Formidable Leader

Nader Mikhail is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Elementum. He draws upon over 15 years of supply chain experience at McKinsey and Flextronics, and has degrees from UC Irvine and Stanford University.

“We are a real-time supply chain platform unifying procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and inventory operations.”