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‘A consistent, non-intrusive and cost effective way to quantify cyber risk’: iScan Online

A data breach risk intelligence platform, enabling organizations to know their financial impact to a data breach. That is what iScan Online all about. Through providing solutions that can discover unprotected data, detect vulnerabilities and combine the intelligence to produce actionable data breach analytics, the venture is an emerging leader of IT solutions and security.

Founded in 2012 by Carl Banzhof and Billy Austin, iScan Online started its journey with the savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, who have brought years of experience to the young corporation. They cultivate the strong culture in the company and work fearlessly to help iScan team scale and the customers succeed from preventing a data breach.

Awards and recognitions
• iScan Online awarded US Patent #8,819,773 for remote security scanning. • iScan Online awarded security industry innovator of the year by SC Magazine. • iScan Online awarded Most Valuable Product for Managed Services Providers by MSPWorld. Products Overview
1. Data Breach Risk Intelligence Platform

• Non-Intrusive Discovery
• Powerful Analytics Engine
• Easy-to-understand Dashboard
2. Intelligence Dashboard

• Prioritize Risk in Dollars
• Know where the Assets are
• Monitor the Progress

3. Data Breach Risk Report

• What data is at risk and who has access to it
• How attackers will compromise the data
• What is it going to cost if breached

4. Integration

• Extend data breach risk intelligence to the existing investments

Data Breach Prevention, Cardholder Discovery, Data Discovery Scanning, Mobile Security Scanning, Vulnerability Scanning, PCI Compliance, Cyber Security, Data Breach Analytics and Cyber Liability Insurance are the solutions iScan Online is offering.

“As data breaches continue to escalate and threats become more complex, iScan Online is enabling CISOs, CFOs and the boardroom to know their financial impact today. The release of the new data breach analytics, empower organizations to prioritize IT investment resources, remediating threats and sensitive information by dollar value versus historical classification of severities.” – Billy Austin, President “iScan Online continues to help our customers identify the risks that lurk inside and outside their networks which can lead to data breaches. This award helps validate our strategy and vision of simplifying the identification of at risk devices and sensitive data to reduce the threat of data breaches for all organizations.” – Carl Benzhof, CEO