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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies To Watch 2017

A full service multimedia marketing and communications company utilizing cutting edge technology on the specific and unique needs of clients: Panorama Marketing & Media

thesiliconreview-quique-lopez-ceo-panorama-marketing“A dedicated and experienced team committed to growing client businesses by creatively increasing conversions, engagements and sales” 

Effective and measurable marketing is no easy task, and the ever changing technology is guaranteed to never end. Inevitably, with the tremendous growth new communications like social media and mobile technology over the last two decades, a sizable amount of the businesses around the globe have integrated operations with marketing. Whether a client is in the foodservice industry, home services or any industry that depends on a steady supply of leads for their business, if a business does not have a steady and consistent lead generation pipeline, that simply means the business is definitely running the risk losing market share but also missing out on great business opportunities for growth. Anything that simplifies and makes the business process easier is always considered a boon and a having the Panorama Marketing & Media (PM&M) as partner can help businesses ensure its online presence, visibility and sustained growth.

With many years of experience, Panorama Marketing & Media has seen an explosive growth in the last 2 years with the emergence of social media as a driving force in marketing in 2017. The company serves its clients by developing creative solutions aimed at increasing sales, exposure, and profitability. Its technology based solutions are supported by excellent analytics and reporting, as well as award winning customer service.

Deep Dive into Panorama

Quique Lopez originally founded Somber Reptile Press in 1987 and later renamed Panorama Press in 2004. It is a Marketing and Promotions Company based in Atlanta, Georgia and service companies globally. Panorama Marketing & Media (PM&M) is a Google Adwords Partner and offers a wide range of affordable, customized marketing solutions for businesses of any size.

The company uses Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook ads along with creative copy, SEO, video and multimedia content creation to create a consistent lead pipeline. 

Organically, PM&M specializes in mobile technology, local marketing and social media with a focus on soccer, music, art and multicultural local events to provide clients quality engagements from new customers and existing customers. 

In conversation with Quique Lopez, CEO 

What are the greatest attributes of Panorama?

Having begun social media before social media, PM&M has the experience and resources needed to ensure our clients’ objectives. Along with multicultural, intuitive and tech based perspective, PM&M gives clients the flexibility to overcome all obstacles and seize opportunities quickly. We are technology partners that bring increased profitability, stability, sustained growth and staff support needed to better communicate internally the company message and standards.

PM&M are certified experts in paid search including Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads utilizing WEO AI business intelligence along with a top notch creative to bring new business, create sales funnels and open new channels for our clients. Their existing customers are nurtured with customized and sustained communications.

What is the fastest growing vertical?

Although having much success in home services, the fastest growing vertical is in the commercial cannabis cultivation industry. Panorama Marketing & Media helps companies market in the legal commercial cultivation industry. It helps companies navigate the tricky waters of the exploding cannabis industry in USA and Canada. Its clients are companies that are involved in the industrial cannabis cultivation, technology, analytics including greenhouse, software, robotics, lighting, ventilation, labs, consultants, attorneys, soil/nutrition and financial.

The company uses social media, experience in the industry and WEO AI Geo Targeting technology to market within the legal cannabis cultivation industry. PM&M can market where it is legal and exclude where it is not. Its website is focused on this vertical and has identified industry leaders, publications and other media to effectively promote the clients within the industry. It helps clients promote within regulatory and legal frameworks that stifle their ability to advertise their products and services through traditional channels. 

How has the company expanded?

The company has provided marketing services for hundreds of companies over many years and continues to grow and adapt to new technologies while keeping creativity as the focal point in marketing. We have grown 3 offices in the Metro Atlanta area and opening up one in Denver.

We have growth in cannabis industry has been the source of the greatest growth but the home services and local marketing continues to be our bread and butter. 

What is your contribution to the society and the global IT platform?

Having had over 3 decades of lifestyle marketing in soccer , music, art and multicultural events, I feel that our approach supports a uniquely American ideal of the great melting pot and that by celebrating our differences, we bring people together. We have strict standards on clients we accept. Social media is our vehicle to bring a positive and honest message on behalf of our clients. 

Can you talk about any new products that you have released?

WEO AI uses machine learning and algorithms to learn from data sets, to target the right audience but also to convert new customers and re-engage past customers. We use content marketing, SEO and paid ads to work in concert with machine intelligence to deliver our clients’ desired results. Our clients can now expect real and measurable results.

Greet the Founding Person 

Quique Lopez, CEO: Lopez has been a music promoter, restaurateur and venue owner in Atlanta from the 1985 to 2004 and with his business Somber Reptile Press ( located next to Georgia Tech); he was able to be part of a technology corridor that existed around the Midtown/Downtown Area. It was a meeting place for tech entrepreneurs, developers, hackers, tech students and faculty. Began promoting music and food to students via bulletin boards and was one of the first to use the internet to promote local business. He promoted over 5000 events over 3 decades in Atlanta. After 3 decades, Quique sold his companies and decided to focus on providing websites, business consultation and marketing for small businesses. He founded Panorama Press in 2004 and began operations offering web design, marketing and promotions to local businesses. 

Today, Lopez oversees operations Panorama Marketing & Media and has helped hundreds of companies in many industries including home services, multifamily, real estate, horticultural, restaurant and entertainment among others. Lopez projects that the next 3 years with see a continued focus on social media and mobile with increase a location based emphasis.

“when you want to try something that measurable and results oriented that supports your existing marketing Panorama Marketing & Media can give your company the edge against the competition.”