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A leading provider of IoT Security for the connected world: Onclave


Not long ago, cybersecurity and physical security were considered separate domains, and managed by different professionals and tools. When certain critical infrastructure sectors like manufacturing and energy moved to a digitally connected environment, the relationship between cyber and physical security merged. Most physical assets these days are internet-enabled, and require Operational Technology (OT) leaders to secure every physical asset to prevent entry point breaches. In this new era, traditional devices that were not connected to the internet are now connected ‒ creating new, exposed entry points

IT is standardized, mature, and runs on networks designed specifically for IT. OT is different and must be addressed differently. If we do not take a new approach that incorporates the OT already deployed, we will end up where we are today with IT: 200+ days behind finding malware and breaches. The truth is that all IT networks and management tools can be breached because they work around the door to the Internet. Taking an “IT approach” to OT security will make management and monitoring more complex and expensive while the real level of protection drops. Secure IoT is a true Zero Trust Communications platform designed to run, manage, and protect all operational technologies regardless of age, operating system, manufacturer, or protocol. It enables enterprises to deploy and deliver military-grade cybersecurity inexpensively, through easy-to-manage private networks built for OT.

Onclave was founded in 2016 and is based in McLean, Virginia.

In conversation with Glen Gulyas, Co-Founder and CEO of Onclave Networks Inc.

Q. What was the vision behind Secure IoT?

We believe that the technologies and techniques used to protect our nation’s most critical assets should be affordable for everyone and easily applied to every “thing” – so we dedicated ourselves to making that a reality.

Q. How do you deploy your OT security solution for Enterprise customers?

Onclave works exclusively through two channels: System Integrators (SIs) who design and install Secure IoT and OT manufacturers who can integrate and embed our solution. SIs and Managed Service Providers can deliver enhanced solutions with our platform. Our secure post-deploymemt connectivity enables OEMs to improve their security offerings by adding the most effective maintenance and monitoring services.

Q. How do you deal with the privacy concerns surrounding the use of IoT devices?

Everything in our platform is based on secure, trusted communications. Since every connection is highly encrypted, we can help enterprises comply with a multitude of requirements, such as GDPR or HIPAA, where data in motion security is required for compliance. If Zero Trust is the requirement or just a goal, we can get you there quickly.

Q. There are other IoT security providers in this field. What makes you unique/do you have an “it” factor?

There are key differences between Onclave and other providers. First, when we say Zero Trust, we mean it - secure communications out of the box. We start with a closed, secure network that uses the same approach and similar technologies used by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence community. Secondly, we go beyond just detection – we offer actual isolation and containment capabilities by tightly controlling communications. We have turned communications from a simple transport into a security tool. As we learned with COVID 19 – if we can test it, we can identify infections. However, what remains difficult is isolating and containing the infections. One of the problems with OT is that there are not enough tools available to test every endpoint because of the age and diversity of legacy systems. Additionally, we do not rely on “IT Infrastructure” to provide our solution. Our Zero Trust networks have their own root of trust and management system – and they work in every infrastructure. Finally, in addition to solving the enterprise problems today, we also offer an integrated, inexpensive option for manufacturers to “build security into their devices” – without requiring major changes to how their device is manufactured or developed. For example, with Secure IoT, a lighting manufacturer can offer “lighting-as-a-service” by expanding their maintenance and monitoring without creating vulnerabilities for the end customer.

Q. Are there any specific vertical markets that you are targeting?

We built the platform to be a horizontal solution. Secure IoT is being applied in a wide variety of use cases across multiple markets – and we are seeing demand accelerate across Government, Critical Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Smart Buildings/Cities. Anyplace where lives are at stake, OT cybersecurity is becoming a “must-have.” It is no longer acceptable to do “just enough” – the risks are too great.

Q. Do you think your services are ready to deal with the “never-ending change” in digital transformation?

As a platform provider, being agnostic puts us in a better position than most companies who are merely providing a detection or partial solution. If we keep our solution easy-to-use and cost-effective, we believe we can operate well into the future. Our networks perform like every network out there today – we just connect and manage them uniquely.

Q. Do you have any new offerings to be launched?

We are implementing Secure IoT with multiple partners and customers around the globe. In the coming months, we will be releasing several new extensions to the platform that will enhance our ability to meet customers’ needs. For instance, we are introducing a “plug and play” remote access solution for telecommuters that will be more secure than any option on the market. We are also working on a Trusted Application and Container solution for a major financial institution and we just secured our first contract to deliver a secure 5G (and 4G) communications. We are even involved in projects with partners around CBRS – enabling enterprises to build their own private networks that are easy, fast, and lower cost.

Meet the Expert

Glen Gulyas, CEO, and Co-founder of Onclave Networks, has launched and built multiple tech startup companies over the course of many years. Most have focused on communications and cybersecurity enterprise solutions, highlighted by the creation of Onclave’s game-changing Secure IoT platform—the first Zero Trust Platform for operational technologies —as well as a patent-pending communications platform that combines unique security, management, and monitoring for enterprises and device OEMs. Supported by a top-tier board and management team, he has brought his experience and custom approach to solving problems created by the IoT to Onclave, leading to partnerships and expansions to Secure IoT that are already impacting the marketplace. Mr. Gulyas has founded, headed, and/or invested in several other ventures including the CauseNetwork, a foundation making it easier for nonprofits to accept non-cash donations; M2, a cybersecurity services company; AutoBid, an auto-industry web solutions company; and GigaMedia Access, among the first digital rights management companies.

“Our cost-effective solution is vendor and device agnostic, making it seamlessly interoperable with all devices and systems – old and new. There is no need for third-party systems or tools. Our technology and approach will change the way the world communicates.”