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A pioneer in providing high quality database services: Datavail


Virtual-DBA managed service provides around-the-clock, multi-platform remote DBA support. Our service is designed specifically to meet the Informix, Db2 LUW, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database administration, maintenance, monitoring, management, development, support and consulting needs of clients. Datavail was founded in result of a spin-off from Stratavia in 2008. In November, Datavail moved its headquarters from downtown Denver, Colorado to Broomfield, Colorado. The company managed 7000 databases for 47 corporate clients that year. The company provides services for DB2, Oracle, SQL, and MySQL databases. According to Inc., the company is the largest provider of remote database administration services in North America.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Before you can turn data into knowledge, you need certainty that your information is accurate, current and rapidly accessible. You can achieve it with the full-application support Datavail provides for all stages of the business intelligence lifecycle. From initial roadmaps to custom reporting and visualization functions, your Datavail team brings all the skills you need to capture the opportunities data uncovers. Datavail has deep expertise in integration – both on-premises and in the cloud – as well as ETL automation, OLAP analytics, data warehouse design and more. Data is the backbone of every organization, and how it’s utilized can be the difference between success and failure.

Database Administration

Where other service providers see data management as a small add-on chore, at Datavail, they see it as a strategic priority. It is at the core of their business and is the foundation that determines what you can achieve next. Datavail is seen a go-to employer with industry-low turnaround. That enables us to hire only seasoned professionals with years of technical expertise. You get highly skilled DBAs and other skilled IT workers who have proven business acumen and a genuine desire to serve.Gain expert database management services for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, SharePoint, PostgreSQL and MongoDB database environments with an unmatched level of service, support and affordability. When you hire Datavail, you also get the Datavail Service Platform, a suite of database monitoring and problem-mitigation software.

Application Development & Integration

Eliminate the wasted time, money and resources that disconnected business systems bring. Streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, increase agility and position your organization to evolve. Datavail helps you maximize the value of your technology stack. With more than 200 application development professionals and some 15,000+ projects completed, Datavail has become one of Microsoft’s preferred partners for enterprise and mid market clients. Many of our customer relationships span 10 years or more. These days, customers are in control, and they like it that way. A 2016 survey of U.S. consumers found that 71 percent want the ability to solve most customer service issues on their own. That’s why Datavail has made self-service solutions a priority, and they have staff trained to support your digital engagement efforts.

Cloud Migration & Management

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or creating a hybrid solution, skilled oversight can avoid problems that often arise. A successful cloud solution requires careful planning, consistent application design approaches, and consistent standards for cloud operations. You can’t achieve success with separate initiatives being conducted simultaneously by individuals with varying levels of expertise. Datavail will help you realize the advantages of a well-designed and implemented cloud initiative. From managed services and consulting to projects and 24/7 operational support, Datavail has you and your data covered. Datavail’s clients range from Fortune 100 to mid-sized companies. They are also working with startups that rely on robust support services to build their revenue-generating data infrastructure.

Application Implementation & Management

Your human resources, finance, procurement, marketing, enrollment management and sales systems are vital to the life of your business. Proven experience, understanding of objectives, and ability to guide clients through complex change processes, demonstrates that Datavail is uniquely prepared to meet the consulting needs of your project. Microsoft has been at the forefront of digital transformation, and Datavail has been a Microsoft partner in delivery, deployment and education – since the inception of .NET, the language and development framework that enabled organizations to first extend themselves online. As a Microsoft Gold Partner Datavail has been recognized for global and national awards for excellence with 12 specializations. Datavail is also proud to have achieved the coveted status of being an Oracle Platinum Partner with 17 designated specializations in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). As a very high level of membership within the Oracle Partner Network, this prestigious status recognizes Datavail for their in-depth expertise and excellence across the entire suite of Oracle applications.

Application Performance Management Platform

Datavail’s platform is the only enterprise APM solution designed to enable both IT and business users to manage and optimize their enterprise applications. By working from a common APM platform, IT and business users can work collaboratively with a common set of data and analytics to ensure high-performance of mission critical applications. Datavail’sAPM platform was created by Accelatis, a group of Hyperion technologists, to rapidly deliver long-term value to Oracle Hyperion EPM clients’ global user base through unprecedented visibility and flexibility to manage their applications. Datavail acquired Accelatis in July 2017. Platform capabilities include performance testing, infrastructure management, log management, performance optimization and load generation. Your users will appreciate the UX monitoring, too.

Mark PerlsteinPresident and Chief Executive Officer of Datavail

Mark is a national leader in database support and professional services. For more than two decades, Mark has been a leader in the IT services market and brings a wealth of growth-oriented and operating experience in the services business to Datavail. Prior to his CEO role at Datavail, Mark was President of the IT Outsourcing division of a large global systems integration corporation. While there, Mark led the firm’s entry into the IT infrastructure outsourcing market and helped lead that division to a tripling of its revenues and becoming a major force in the ITO sector.

“We are data and technology experts who leverage our tech-enabled IP to provide faster, more efficient services and support to maximize your organizational data.”