February Edition 2021

VRP Consulting’s extensive range of services to help you achieve your digital transformation goals


Salesforce is the world's leading cloud-based CRM software that helps businesses grow into a streamlined, effective, and efficient organization. It has evolved into one of the most innovative and comprehensive CRM solutions, capable of addressing all of the business needs. As it is a complex solution, new businesses need a proper consultation to implement it into their companies properly.

There are many consulting firms in the market that provide support and implementation services of Salesforce. VRP Consulting is a full-service systems integrator and applications software development practice with over 200 Salesforce practitioners. It helps businesses of all shapes and sizes reach their digital transformation goals, improve customer service, and streamline internal processes by maximizing their Salesforce platform.

They have 1000+ successful projects delivered to 350+ clients across the globe. As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, PDO Expert, and Expert, they already have the largest pool of consultants and architects globally. VRP Consulting thinks globally and delivers locally. They have a growing community of clients who trust them for their support. They mostly receive an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Consulting is perfect for businesses if they are looking to transform their business by moving onto the Salesforce platform. It can also be beneficial if they have an existing Salesforce platform but need optimization or has adoption issues, or they need to extend their Salesforce platform to automate their entire business.

VRP Consulting helps businesses to evolve their existing platform or developing one-of-a-kind applications to disrupt the market. Their award-winning experts can match any business needs with full-cycle development and support. Their nimble approach gives businesses access to local Salesforce consultants and global delivery expertise. Be it any industry or project size. They can provide the right resources for business transformation goals.

Salesforce Outsourcing

If a business has a Salesforce system and needs to increase its in-house team's capacity on an ad-hoc basis, VRP Consulting can implement Salesforce Outsourcing. It helps companies in accelerating products through development and implementation experts and scale support.

Sometimes even the largest companies need a helping hand. VRP Consulting aims to help companies with specific resources or additional Salesforce expertise immediately. They give access to a team of 500+ highly trained employees, split between 13 regional offices and core centers of excellence in 8 countries. Salesforce customers, SI partners, and ISVs already use their development expertise, scale, and capacity to meet their demands.

VRP Consulting builds teams based on business requirements, using their internal recruitment capacity. After carefully evaluating project goals, they pick the best candidates, send their CVs to run interviews — so that clients can be sure each team member meets their exact requirements. They also have regular show-and-tell sessions with stakeholders to get feedback and fresh inputs as the project moves along. Throughout the collaboration, the client is in total control.

Custom Development

A business needs custom development if they have a specific capability or an industrial process that is not being addressed by native Salesforce solutions. Although there are many pre-built solutions on the AppExchange, but still some companies would like to have their own business app to exactly replicate their internal processes

Sometimes you need a little more from your CRM and pre-built apps on the AppExchange. They help clients fill the gaps with custom-developed applications on their Salesforce platform. Whether you are looking to create a new workflow, integrate to 3rd party solutions, or automate business processes, VRP Consulting expert developers can quickly identify your requirements, build an app and easily integrate it into your existing platform. As it is built within the Salesforce ecosystem, you can rely on your app to be robust, secure, and mobile-ready.

Quick Start Implementations

Quick Start implements are needed when a company needs Salesforce fast, but a bit more than the bare basics. It provides simple integrations with another system and optional onsite discovery. If businesses need a stock Salesforce solution or one with a partner's application, VRP Consulting's experience can recommend the right tools for a company and deploy the system fast, so a business can stop relying on a collection of spreadsheets.

AppExchange App Development

ISVs are looking to get their product to market quickly: from ideation, design, through the security review to delivery. They are looking to complete, connect, or convert their service or app to the Salesforce ecosystem. ISVs, who already have a product, are looking to add features or refactor code to enhance usability.

If a company is looking to use Salesforce as a channel to market, VRP Consulting can help design and build Salesforce applications, expertly architected to get through the Salesforce Security Review. Their teams have already helped clients design and build over 100 apps for the Salesforce AppExchange.

Managed Services

If a company needs services such as ad-hoc small enhancement requests or completely outsourcing management and maintenance, they can go for managed services provided by VRP Consulting. It can let a company seamlessly integrate new features before and after Salesforce releases. With flexible monthly hours that roll-over if not used, they can have an expert team on hand to pro-actively enhance the solution and provide support whenever they need it.

About the CEO

Roman Medvedev is the President and CEO of VRP Consulting. He is also a Partner and the CTO of Appinium. Roman holds an engineering degree with an M.S. degree in computer science from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Roman's long history with Salesforce includes many high-profile projects, dating back to 2008. He has held various engineering, development, and architecting roles at companies including Blackrock, Ensenda, and Sapient.

"We help businesses of all sizes interact with their customers and employees more efficiently and effectively through Salesforce consulting and development."