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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection, Prioritization, and Understanding: Red Lambda

thesiliconreview-iain-kerr-ceo-red-lambda-17The term cyber “warfare” is often reserved for the battlefield but the fact is, our national security, our infrastructure, our businesses, and our citizens face a daily onslaught of cyber attacks whose intensity and complexity are increasing with every passing month.

In fact, we are in the midst of a heated cyber war. Iain Kerr, CEO of Red Lambda, says that cyberattacks waged against government and business entities threaten individual and national security as much as, or more, than, “conventional” wars of the past. A menacing reality, malicious hacking and cyberattacks are more sophisticated, effective, and numerous. Furthermore, despite increasing investments in cyber security, most businesses will experience cyber attacks that will successfully penetrate their cyber defenses and establish a foothold within their network infrastructure.

Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2016 found that the mean time to detect a data breach was 201 days, to which another 70 days are added to contain the breach. In addition, this study revealed that the average cost of a breach is around $4 million and the longer it takes to detect a breach, the costlier it becomes. To that end, Red Lambda recognized that immediate detection of threat-induced behaviors and the understanding of their effects and their root cause must be the new frontline focus in the war against cyber attacks.

Since2014, Red Lambda software technology has dramatically increased the Security Operations Center’s (SOC) ability to rapidly identify and prioritize threat activity and quickly understand threat behaviors and their effects. Kerr explains, “New technologies can enable organizations to mitigate the possibility of a data breach by rapidly identifying threat behaviors of both known and unknown, zero day, attacks. Using patented technologies that fuse advanced data processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral analytics, and interactive data visualization, into one unified system, our software, called MetaGrid, enables organizations to quickly detect cyber anomalies and rapidly defeat cyber-attacks.”

Solution Synopsis

MetaGrid enables organizations to mitigate cyber threats through rapid threat behavior detection, risk prioritization, and powerful incident analytics.

MetaGrid provides early detection capabilities along with comprehensive tools that facilitate rapid investigation of high-risk network behaviors. This combination allows organizations to initiate timely response activities that can mitigate network or data compromises. MetaGrid doesn’t displace the current layered security and endpoint protection systems; instead, MetaGrid acts like “security rebar”, strengthening existing cyber security capabilities. Unlike many cyber-defense systems, MetaGrid analyzes the data while it is in motion (before it is written to disk), processing massive amounts of data to rapidly identify threat-induced activity.

Comprehensive analytics and intuitive graphical drill-down capabilities then enable a detailed investigation and forensic analysis of threat activities. “In addition to detecting threat activity, security specialists must also be able to reconstruct and visualize the sequence of threat activities throughout the entire cyber kill chain. Threat research and validation traditionally took days, weeks, or more, but MetaGrid’s state-of-the-art data processing and data storage capabilities, have reduced the threat research process to minutes—enabling timely threat response tactics that can mitigate their effects,” continues Kerr. “For government and commercial entities, rapid detection and hunting can make a critical difference.”

Headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, Red Lambda’s technology has received recognition from many technology authorities and publications and has been selected by a business partner, one of the largest global business analytics providers, as a core detection technology for integration to the partner’s big data solution architecture. This integration, currently in progress, precedes an official partnership announcement expected later in 2017. Following the announcement, the integrated solution will be made available to the partner’s global client base, located in more than 75 countries.

Kerr concludes, “In a world threatened daily by cyber attacks, how can organizations afford not to have the best possible tools to protect against cyber-attacks when their most valuable assets are at risk; and the consequences of not having the best tools could be devastating?”

Executive Profile

Iain Kerr, CEO: Kerr is a high performance strategic leader with a 30-year proven track record of success. His combination of hands-on executive management skills, C-level business development expertise in the US and abroad, knowledge of the nuances involved in the complex technology sale and direct experience in the IT security sector bring significant value to Red Lambda. Prior to joining Red Lambda, Kerr served as President and CEO of Protegrity. During his tenure, Kerr increased revenue for three consecutive years running, with revenues increasing 71% in his final year in this leadership role. As Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Sygate Technologies, Kerr increased revenue from $9 million to more than $18 million in just 20 months, representing a 100% increase in North American, EMEA and Asian sales.

Kerr also spent 15 years at Hyperion Software where he held various senior management positions including Vice President of Sales in North America and Group Vice President of EMEA. He holds a BA in Business and Finance from De Montfort University in Leicester, England.

“By enabling rapid detection, prioritization, and understanding of both known and unknown cyber threats, MetaGrid represents a new and effective defensive system in the midst of raging cyber war.”