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An Interview with MELiUS Leadership ‘We, as an Evolutionary Company, Do Not Follow Trends. We Create Them.’


 “We focus on relevant, high-quality education, strategies and information with a track record of proven success and results.”

Online information is presenting the potential to revolutionize education and the rise of AI is driving its market growth. For one thing, the internet and thriving Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have made online learning more accessible than ever before. But since information is everywhere, the ordinary user is not able to filter what is real information, what is bringing them forward and what is relevant.

In more conventional schools and classrooms, educators are obliged to follow a relatively strict and inflexible curriculum. However, with online technology tools and AI, instructors can adapt and modify the content in real time. This enables them to meet learners’ needs and guarantee the content more accurately. They can infuse their lessons with the most innovative and up-to-date information. As to the learners’ side, the convenience it brings is immeasurable.

The rising number of mobile users and the burgeoning trend of social media also contribute to augmenting the growth of the global online learning market. Companies who provide such services are centering on producing new content through constant collaboration and listening to marketing to attract many consumers and introduce new learning opportunities.

In light of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present MELiUS.

MELiUS utilizes the dynamic world of blockchain and AI in providing innovative ways to educate and keep learners at par. The company offers a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for aspiring learners to interact and pursue their personal goals.

The MELiUS ecosystem boasts an interactive learning space through its services such as the MELiUS Node, MELiUS Live, MELiUS Trading, MELiUS Foundation and iGoTrade App.

This network of interconnected platforms provides commercial information, compelling insights, and recommendations that are used by establishments and successful companies and business professionals to enhance their management strategies and business portfolios.

MELiUS also delivers factual data based on research and sharing experience of industry professionals. This allows its clients to make better decisions in their respective field of markets/businesses. The company streams live information to its users as well as pre-recorded content on its MELiUS Node platform.

MELiUS was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It has an additional office location in London, UK.

MELiUS Founding Members/Leadership spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. What are the pain points of the industry addressed by the company, Mr. Islam (Monir)?

The future is becoming more and more digital –it will change more than we can imagine today. Blockchain and AI will play the biggest role in the next years when it comes to innovation and disruption of the traditional ways. That’s why we are already bringing the future of learning with access to exclusive information to our community so that they can learn from anywhere, anytime, in the pace they want and then by applying their new knowledge eventually create the future.

In today’s world, relevancy is more important than experience. Many people study a certain subject but they end up working in a totally different field – as the job they prepared for (through studies) does not exist anymore. This raises the question: “What would you rather like to have – life-changing results or a better degree?” We focus on relevant, high-quality education, strategies and information with a track record of proven success and results.

Q. What are the factors that make your company stand out from the competition, Mr. Islam (Ehsaan B.)?

Our constant thirst for innovation with customers at the center of every decision makes us stand out from the competition.

We listen to MELiUS community, bring together their novel ideas, and apply better solutions to provide outstanding products with an unsurpassed service that, together, will deliver premium value to our customers.

We are not afraid to continuously expand and subsume new technologies to enhance our customers’ user experience.

Moreover, MELiUS will use smart contracts to reward contributors in the community. We are also developing a new app to match the need of our mobile-savvy clients. Therefore people will be able to learn from anywhere, anytime and in the pace they want.

Since our goal is to empower people from all walks of life, it’s all about giving back. We are currently working on one special part of the MELiUS ecosystem, the MELiUS Foundation, which will be there for the future generations, especially to help families and children to create a better future for all.

What do you feel are the reasons behind, Mr. Islam (Moyn):

Your product popularity: What we offer is something the market has not seen before – we offer an entire, all in one, innovative platform where anyone can come together and learn, communicate, brainstorm, and be part of a community that thrives together. Our social learning platform, powered by AI, can dynamically filter content as per users’ interest and recommend social contents. AI also gives us insight on users’ behavior to create content according to the market trends

and needs.

How we stay popular: We constantly adapt to the needs of the community itself, bring in new solutions and even co-create with them. Our focus is the people, user experience and their individual success. If everyone stays successful, no one wants to leave and the company will be successful and can invest more in the platforms.

Your consistent growth as an organization: We continue to mature with the market. Wherever there’s a unique possibility to pioneer something evolutionary or revolutionary, we grab it. We do not follow trends. We create them.

Brief us about the products and services your company offer, Mr. Islam (Monir):

We are delivering commercial information, compelling insights, and recommendations that are used by establishments and successful companies and business professionals to enhance their management strategies and business portfolios.

Our MELiUS Ecosystem exhibits different features:

MELiUS Node, a social learning, interactive, community-driven platform with courses, strategies and seminars produced and conducted by industry experts. It offers a unique combination of social and gamification features, with community forums, resources and a reward system to incentivize contribution and participation. Powered by our community, resources are available in multiple languages and subscribers can share the learning experience with fellow learners and can directly connect to their favorite teachers and mentors.

MELiUS Live is bringing the classroom to wherever you are. If you are on the move, on the beach or on your couch, our industry educator is with you. The challenge with crash courses or group lessons is that you have compressed content that is hard to apply and maybe out-dated as soon as you leave. As an example, a market analysis today and tomorrow can be completely different as many factors are changing day by day. Here at MELiUS, we know that information is only powerful if you are able to apply and put learnings into action. That’s why with MELiUS Live, you are getting not only the tools to be successful but also daily, interactive live streams, conducted by industry experts so that we can hold you accountable for your success.

iGoTrade is an app for MELiUS Trading, which provides instant alerts with rich illustrations and trading strategy live examples, which will help anyone from beginners to professionals to master the trading market in a result-oriented way.


Q. Who are some of your biggest clients, Mr. Islam (Ehsaan B.)?

We have a lot of aspiring individuals from all corners of the world who make up the entire community and database we currently have. We are honored to serve each person respectively.

There are no “biggest clients”. People who join our digital community have all options. We only provide the tools, information and environment for each individual to grow. The bigger they can think, the bigger they

can put this into action and get the specific results.

Q. Please share one or two of your clients’ thoughts in two lines, Mr. Islam (Moyn):

“MELiUS offers a powerful platform mixed with incredible tools. This is something the industry has never seen before; a game plan focused on retention with a perpetually growing product for its customers — a real message-driven for customer acquisition.”

– Hamza Majdi

“MELiUS presents a perfect example of how education and online technology working together can make a big difference. There’s an unlimited potential that’s to come with MELiUS, and I look forward to experiencing more of it.” - Paulina Ouattara

Do you have any new products ready to be rolled out into the market,

Mr. Islam (Monir)?

As an innovative company, MELiUS is constantly searching for new ways to give top-notch market knowledge. And since knowledge is useless without application, we support everything with custom-built tools like apps to make it easy for users to apply proven strategies and learn by doing! What makes us different: we listen more. We believe that innovation is already out there and if we listen to what our community needs, through our support, through voting rights, through leadership, we just need to connect the dots and come up with a solution, that is really needed. Our team is always hard at work to roll-out new apps, upgrades and features that our users enjoy.

With our Partnership Program, selected experts can always bring new courses and content to the platform, while everybody gets rewarded.

Q. Where do you see your company a couple of years from now, Mr. Islam (Ehsaan B.)?

Our ultimate goal is to empower millions of people. Therefore, we will have empowered millions of lives through the power of education in a few years from now.

The areas of education on our platforms will evolve drastically and will soon be the one-stop go-to place to get high-quality information and education with the one specific character: To better people’s lives and businesses. That’s what MELiUS stands for.

MELiUS translates to ‘better’ in Latin.

The MELiUS Leadership: A Brief Background

Monir Islam, Chief Visionary Officer: Monir Islam is a customer-focused entrepreneur with years of proven success in optimizing territory and channel revenues through sales, marketing, and service excellence. He started his early years as a full-time employee, earning minimum wage. Through hard work and belief, Mr. Islam turned himself into a globally recognized entrepreneur, a prominent speaker, built businesses in over 100 countries with a total of $140 million in career organizational sales together with his business partner Moyn.

Mr. Islam continuously leverages strengths in analytics, leadership, and creative problem solving to identify new opportunities, expand customer base, deepen existing relationships, and satisfy corporate objectives.

Ehsaan B. Islam, Chief Technology Officer: Ehsaan B. Islam is a career technologist with over a decade’s experience in the IT industry. Mr. Islam’s expertise is in finding new and critical solutions in the space of software, network and system development. Particularly, his interest is in conceiving powerful innovative IT solutions for startups, integrating disruptive solutions that help businesses challenge the status quo.

At MELiUS, Mr. Islam is responsible for the development of the MELiUS ecosystem and its platforms, where he combines his long-standing interest in blockchain with his network and system building expertise.

Moyn Islam, President & CEO: Moyl Islam has years of experience in sales and business management: A serial entrepreneur and business manager with in-depth knowledge of Internet and strategic planning, profit and loss, budget development and management, merger, and acquisition negotiations. Mr. Islam went from being a salaried employee to an internationally known entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, building businesses in 100 countries; alongside his business partner Monir, resulting in over $140 Million in career total organizational sales.

Mr. Islam’s expertise also covers B2B and B2C sales, distributor networks, CRM, global event execution, direct sales and marketing, PR, product training and placement, and associated functions.

"Our vision is to create a self-sustaining community by creating not only infrastructurebut also access to world-class information that is relevant.”

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