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30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2023

Anteriad – A full-funnel B2B marketing solutions provider helping clients' to identify and target the right buyer


There is a drastic change in B2B marketing, and people are still studying the inherent nature of the business. When it comes to B2B businesses, a particular skill of marketing and planning is required along with the correct execution. It is imperative; it becomes hard to survive in the B2B business ecosystem. As we speak about the power of the internet, we have to understand and appreciate the importance of a B2B marketing agency and properly use it to ensure that every service and executed step is in the right direction. Those in the business for a long time especially working in the sales and marketing department, understand that the B2B business is a different game of making it extensive and successful consistently maintaining it. B2B Marketing caters to different buying emotions. The customer’s feeling or the client’s sentiment towards a problem or a solution packed in a product or offered as a service is fundamental.

Anteriad is one such B2B marketing solutions provider. They partner with you to drive demand, generate leads, and improve pipeline results for your organization. And they don’t stop once leads are delivered: the company offers robust analytics and actionable insights, so you keep moving forward. With the scale and efficiency your teams need to focus on results, you can get in front of your customers and competition. Even better, at the center of your solution is one of the largest B2B marketing databases in the industry. With 20+ years of experience in data management, privacy, and cleanliness, Anteriad power B2B providers, your platforms, and your programs with actionable behavioral data and insights that no one else can. Anteriad brings together the teams, technology, data, and relationships of MeritB2B and True Influence — two leaders in B2B marketing — into one integrated company so that you can get in front of your next customer, faster.

Leveraging Robust B2B Data Solutions

Audience Identification + Activation: Build precise audiences for activation through leading digital platforms and marketing tactics. Anteriad offers limitless selections and alternatives with unmatched global scale to meet the needs of your next campaign. Their proprietary data combines with your CRM data, so you can uncover which accounts need immediate engagement. They begin audience identification with firmographic and demographic data, and then they layer on intent. With this powerful combination, you quickly and accurately find the audience that is not only right for your product but is in the market for it. Then, use their activation capabilities to drive brand awareness and engagement across multiple digital touchpoints, and bring your audience to action.

Demand Generation + Performance Marketing: Engage precise audiences in full-funnel campaigns to identify and acquire active, in-market buyers at scale with guaranteed results—through all phases of the customer journey. Supported by the industry-leading database and powered by their proprietary technology, demand generation services provide the expertise, scale, and efficiency your team needs to drive full-funnel engagement. From top-of-funnel activities to sales accepted lead velocity progression, they partner with you to develop the solution needed to drive engagement, leads, and opportunities for your sales team. Build and grow new and existing relationships within your database, and achieve unique reach into untouched markets.

Analytics + Intelligence: Successful marketing begins with an understanding of the customer. They drive better decision making by using advanced analytics and data science to power B2B and drive business growth. To stay ahead of emerging trends and get the most out of your marketing investments, you must be able to understand insights and act on them. With Anteriad, you gain access to data and analytics not available to typical agencies—including intent data based on audience and demographic attributes—as well as analysts to help you use this data to optimize campaign performance and maximize ROI.

The Anteriad Marketing Cloud: The Anteriad Marketing Cloud brings demand generation and programmatic advertising campaigns into one integrated, real-time management platform powered by industry-leading business contact data and purchase intent. Monitor performance and quickly re-allocate resources for the best return on your marketing investment. Deliver contacts and leads to all your transactional systems via bi-directional integration with your sales and Martech stack. And after a campaign is complete, design your next campaign based on clean, trustworthy data—not guesswork. Execute Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns at scale, and measure your campaign results with ease. Use real-time reporting for cross-channel optimization and personalization to convert deals faster. The Anteriad Marketing Cloud allows for self-service access or managed service partnerships across their demand-generation solutions.

Rob Sanchez | CEO

With a career in B2B that has stretched over 25 years, Rob Sanchez is recognized as one of the data industry’s most tenured and trusted experts and established the company as a dominant player in B2B marketing solutions in North America. Rob has been a member of the executive leadership team at Anteriad since its inception in 2000 and served as a Managing Partner from 2009–2012. As one of the original partners of Anteriad, he launched and grew the company’s OmniChannel suite of services into a robust Performance Marketing platform. Rob brings a dynamic blend of data-driven marketing and growth expertise to his role of CEO. Through key acquisitions, recruitment, and expansion of solution-based services, he has played an integral part in driving the company’s growth and profitability. Rob is responsible for the discovery, vetting, and management of corporate acquisitions that support Anteriad’s strategic direction.

Rob enjoys sports, golf, his great team at Anteriad, time with his family, and various charitable works through his family’s charitable fund.

"With 20+ years of experience in data management, privacy and cleanliness, we’re trusted by over 1,600 marketers to drive results with our in-depth, actionable data."