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Perfecting the art of risk management: APiS North America evaluates the risks on time and mitigate it with its path-breaking solutions


Risks are part of daily life. People might not realize, but they are doing it, they continuously assess the risks around them throughout their typical day. Similarly, business risks come in various forms, and it can be from both external and internal sources. To safeguard the business and its people, it is vital to have a risk management strategy in place. Risk management solutions can identify risks, problems, or disasters before they can occur. By identifying the risks in advance, we can set up processes and procedures that can avoid the risk altogether. In light of the foregoing, we introduce you to APiS North America.

APiS North America is the North and South America distributor of the APIS® IQ-Software. The team believes that safety and risk analysis are serious topics and incredibly complex technical science. The methodology is based upon industry best practices and customer needs and APiS North America is proud to have grown, both in licensed customers and across new industries. Their successful growth showcases how valuable the APIS® IQ-Software is to quality and safety systems across industries and global companies. They will continue to strive to add new industries’ quality and safety systems as they grow.

APiS North America provides IQ-Software, training, consulting, and support to customers throughout North and South America. Offered in both English and Spanish languages, the training is invaluable to its teams that span across many countries throughout the territory it serves.

Dr. Lynn M. Johnson is the President of APiS North America. She spoke about the company in an exclusive interview with The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Do you provide implementation advice and broadly establish the need for risk management to your clients?

APiS North America works directly with customers for the IQ-Software implementation plan that best meets the needs of the company and its users. The IQ-Software installation into the end-user company’s network for a secure location for authorized users only access. The FMEA files are stored within the secure network as well, and global teams can work together for a seamless risk management approach.

Q. Tell us in brief about your training module for teaching users how to use your tools.

We provide IQ-Software training using hands-on IQ-Software methodology , in English and Spanish, and learning techniques to ensure the successful use of the software upon completion.

Q. How do you deal with the “never-ending change” in digital transformation?

The IQ-Software was built over 28 years to meet the never-ending changes in industries’ regulation, requirements, and needs. APIS® Informationstechnologien GmbH has developed the IQ-Software to meet the needs of its customers continuously, and this is why it has the highest regard and continues to obtain new accolades from authorities of risk management..

Q. Tell us in brief about your mission and vision statement.

Our mission is to revolutionize how our customers leverage FMEAs within their risk management & functional safety efforts to improve their products and processes through our innovative, high quality software products offering, expert training & consulting, and impeccable attention to customer service. The APIS® IQ-Software will do the same for any organization’s quality and safety program.

Q. What are the important issues that can be addressed with your tools and solutions?

For 28 years, APIS® Informationstechnologien GmbH has developed the IQ-Software for global industries where failure is not an option. The IQ-Software is the most robust tool for research, development, product design, manufacturing companies, and healthcare operations’ quality and safety programs, including DFMEA, PFMEA, Requirements Management, and Management Reporting with the outcome and statistical analysis. The IQ-Software tool provides the functionality to meet the demands of audits and customer reviews and industry best practices.

Q. What are the anticipated trends in risk management?

Risk management is always evolving. As the world’s crisis continues in 2020, risk management is going to evolve at a higher pace. The new production of equipment, hospital processes, frontline worker safety protocols, legislative changes to assure workers’ safety is maintained, and other areas of concern will be focused on like never before the coronavirus pandemic.

Individuals may even develop risk management plans for their homes and their families. It will be about quality and safety in every industry, including those for entertainment value.

Q. How do you market your services?

The IQ-Software’s number one marketer is word of mouth. Users of the IQ-Software are committed to its robust functionality and features and will work with our team to work with new customers.

Our team provides knowledge of our customer industries’ best practices. Our team and the IQ-Software are involved in implementing industry’s standards into our teaching and the IQ-Software methodologies.

We also are part of many local, regional, and global organizations within our industries and our communities. We provide community service support to many organizations and charities, as well as our school district and students. We work to share updates through newsletters to customers and utilize LinkedIn and Facebook, at times, to connect to our customers and our community. I am active on several executive leadership groups, organizations, and boards with many opportunities for speaking and providing information on the IQ-Software and APiS North America.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

This is not necessarily new, but it is now our exclusive training and networking platform to utilize web connection platforms to maintain training, consulting, demonstrations, support, and customer service. We had implemented the use of a web platform 18 months ago and had successful feedback. Our Program Manager and I developed a report, also attached, on the outcomes, over the past 18 months, that APiS North America has had to provide web-based training. This was sent as a newsletter, LinkedIn post from ANA page, and shared with all the company’s contacts. We have received positive feedback and moved all scheduled, and new, IQ-Software training to web-based for the foreseeable future.

Leaders behind the success of APiS North America

As the President of APiS North America, LLC.,


Lynn Johnson, Pharm.D. joins APiS North America with a background in the healthcare industry with technology business development.

Her experience in not-for-profit and for-profit delivery of healthcare, as well as her development of lean operational processes and programs, provided the business aspect to her successful career.

Prior to becoming President at APIS North America, Dr. Johnson was Vice President of Telepharmacy and Management Services for Indispensable Health, Inc. Her experience in healthcare technology, operations, and business strategy is paramount to the mission of APiS North America, LLC.

The Vice President of APiS North America, Chad Johnson, is an expert in both the APIS® IQ-Software and FMEA methodology. Chad joined APiS North America after nearly 21 years as a Systems Engineer and certified Master Black Belt - 6Sigma/DFSS. He spent 17 years committing himself to the development of state-of-the-art FMEAs and the processes required to produce them. Chad has also been an invited speaker at the last 8 APIS® Global User Conferences in Germany and was hand-picked by the owner of APIS® Germany to represent the company’s technical capability in North America.

“At APIS®, we believe that safety and risk analysis are serious topics and an incredibly complex technical science.”