Monthly Special September 2023

AutomatePro – Delivering an Enhanced Return on IT investment through Patented ServiceNow Test Automation and DevOps Platform


AutomatePro is a patented automated testing solution for ServiceNow, which puts test automation in the hands of your business users. No longer do test automation scripts need to be built and run by developers and test automation experts. Using its unique module built in ServiceNow, test steps and data are automatically validated against your ServiceNow configuration as you build the user stories and test cases. Tests are run at the click of a button with results shown immediately on a dashboard. Defects are automatically raised and notifications emailed or texted to nominated users.

Automate Pro’s automation platform is modular to support the complete software development lifecycle. From automated requirements capture all the way through to development, testing deployment and monitoring - all automated and supported by the AutoDoc module which automatically creates and maintains your design specs, user guides, sign-off documents, defect reports, upgrade comparison reports etc.

Native ServiceNow Test Automation and DevOps App

AutoPlan: Moving to a Test Driven Development approach for requirements capture is a transformational change in the way a team works.  The business analyst will need to work with the process owner, developer and testers to fully and accurately define the requirement and acceptance criteria as ‘future tests’.  This requires attention to detail and more thought being given at this stage. However, this is a good thing since time savings will be realized in all stages of the development life-cycle, through the removal of re-work and wasted effort due to poorly defined requirements.

A massive 71% of software projects fail due to poor requirements management. Capture the wrong requirements and risk wasted investment, excess cost, lost revenue and unhappy customers. Use AutoPlan and get it right. Give your customers the business capability they want - and need. Now every member of your team can capture functional and non-functional requirements consistently, wherever they are in the world. Enjoy one single version of the truth and identify changes immediately, as well as the impact they may have on other areas of the delivery lifecycle. All requirements are captured in a way that’s human readable and automatically converted into tests – so you can test and deliver accurate results simply. Automatic documentation enables you to trace every change back to its original requirement.

AutoDev: Your development team is your most expensive resource, and for good reason. They’re the ones who can drive your business forward. But on average, only 30% of a developer’s time is actually spent creating new code. Producing documentation, creating tests and deploying code is wasting their valuable time - until now. With AutoDev, your developers can focus on what matters - accelerating development. AutoDev enables your business to manage non-productive tasks, automatically. So now your developers can focus on creating valuable new capabilities, 90% of their time.

Holding standardized requirements with acceptance criteria that have already been signed off, AutoDev gives your project team full visibility of work streams. Helping you manage remote work teams, effectively. AutoDev allows you to iteratively configure and test until all defined acceptance criteria are green. As a result, you know that you have made all of the correct configurations and can move onto the next task. Also, test execution results are automatically created as proof that the tests passed after your configuration.  You can also prove that no other issues were introduced with your changes.

AutoTest: You deserve complete peace of mind that everything works - and that’s exactly what AutoTest, their automated test tool, gives you. AutoTest is their world-class patented solution, designed to take the pain out of testing and regression testing. Now you can reduce the cost, risk and uncertainty of releasing and upgrading ServiceNow - and run thousands of tests in hours, not days or weeks. With AI intelligence, AutoTest makes it easy to quickly define, develop, test and release ServiceNow customisations, new features and functionality without needing any coding skills. The result? Your business offering transformed at the speed of automation.  Say goodbye to costly, labor-intensive manual testing. Say hello to progress.

Break down complex process tests into small blocks of functionality, so that you can change small blocks in a test pack without affecting the whole. You’ll reduce maintenance time and boost confidence after each update you test. Quickly compare updates both pre and post-deployment, using the existing regression pack of business scenario tests. You can run these tests in parallel, reducing the time it takes to view, analyze and report results. Test against your target upgrade environment with a simple point & click action. AutomatePro overcomes the problem of test maintenance through the use of what they call ‘model blocks’. These are re-usable blocks of tests that can be used over and over again in different test scenarios. If you change your configuration, you change the relevant model blocks, and the change is cascaded through all tests that use that model block.

AutoDeploy: You don’t need a technical developer to help embrace continuous delivery and the transformative business benefits it brings. With AutoDeploy, you can deliver new software and update existing software fast, with minimal risk - and zero coding. Using a user friendly interface, your business can build continuous delivery and deployment automations. No development skills needed. That means delivering changes in days, not weeks or months. And when a process is changed, simply amend the deployment automation process using click and select, without needing a developer to implement the change.

AutoDeploy enables you to automate your end to end deployment process without having to write Javascript scripts. Using the patented non-technical user interface to define automation processes, AutoDeploy puts deployment automation in the hands of non-technical users. AutoDeploy is web service enabled so deployments or tests can be triggered via web-service calls and results passed back accordingly. Once an update is applied, the whole system undergoes a series of immediate tests. If a problem is discovered, developers are instantly notified to fix the issue. Using AutoDeploy, organizations have seen the number of open defects reduce by up to 90%.

Paul Chorley | Co-Founder and CEO

Paul has over 23 years’ experience in senior IS/IT leadership positions for very large and heavily regulated global organizations.

“We’re here to help, not hinder and our role is to support our clients to achieve their objectives quickly, easily and without fuss.”