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Biofourmis – Developing and delivering clinically validated software-based therapeutics to provide cost-effective solutions


“Augmenting personalized care and empowering people with complex chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives.”

Thanks to mobile technologies like monitoring devices, patients can take control of their health through easy-to-use apps. As software and health care converge to create digital therapeutics, this new breed of life sciences technology is helping to transform patient care and deliver better clinical outcomes.A new trend out of the fast-growing mobile health (mHealth) market for life sciences, digital therapeutics is software products used in the treatment of medical conditions. A growing number of start-ups and well-established technology companies are introducing innovative applications designed to enable patients to take greater control of their care. They are similar to customer wellness apps, but with one key difference: Digital therapeutics focus on delivering clinical outcomes.

One such firm which is a pioneer in providing digital-based therapeutics is Biofourmis.

Biofourmis develops and delivers clinically validated software-based therapeutics to provide cost-effective solutions for payers, accelerated research and drug development for biopharmaceutical companies, advanced tools for clinicians to deliver personalized care, and, ultimately, better outcomes for patients. The company’s robust digital therapeutics products and pipeline cover multiple therapeutic areas including heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, COPD, and chronic pain.

Solutions furnished by Biofourmis

At the heart of Biofourmis is the company’s clinically-proven and FDA-cleared Biovitals™ Analytics Engine. It is part of a highly sophisticated AI-powered health analytics ecosystem that predicts clinical exacerbation in advance of a critical event. It allows clinicians to deliver more personalized care and enables better patient outcomes.

For Healthcare Systems

Biovitals™ can help prevent disease, manage complex chronic populations, and minimize unnecessary readmissions and ER visits.

For Pharmaceuticals

Biovitals™ enables near real-time monitoring and management of patients to measure effectiveness, dosage variances, and adverse reactions at the individual level. All the data you need to show benefits and risks and the overall value of your treatment versus current options.

For Payers

Biovitals™ can make it clear which treatments are working for which patients, so you can take a more personalized approach to your reimbursement strategy.

For Healthcare Providers

Biofourmis gives you proven, AI-powered tools and insight with the potential to improve clinical outcomes for your patients. The predictive capabilities of the Biovitals™ platform enable you to take early action and deliver more personalized care.

Biofourmis collaborations that create a change in the field of medicine

Biofourmis collaborates with some of the world’s most respected healthcare organizations, research hospitals, and biopharma companies such as; American Heart Association, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Cersi, Massachusetts General Hospital, SingHealth and many other firms across the globe. Together, we’re reducing healthcare costs, accelerating drug research and development, and improving patient outcomes.

The leader behind the success of Biofourmis

Kuldeep Singh Rajput is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Biofourmis, a fast-growing digital health company filled with committed, passionate people who care about augmenting personalized care and empowering people with complex chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. Biofourmis is pioneering an entirely new category of digital health, by developing clinically-validated software-based therapeutics to provide better outcomes for patients, smarter engagement and tracking tools for clinicians and cost-effective solutions for payers.

Recognized as the “Forbes 30 under 30”, Kuldeep has demonstrated strong leadership experience with building teams, developing talents, and successfully growing, and managing strategic partnerships with global pharmaceutical manufacturers, health systems and Payers. Under his leadership, Biofourmis has raised over US$45 Million in venture capital from leading Venture Capital firms including Sequoia Capital, MassMutual Ventures, Singapore Govt-linked EDBI, Aviva plc, and Mayo Clinic Ventures.

“The FDA clearance of the analytics engine signals a change for the way healthcare is delivered and reimbursed, but also how innovative pharmaceutical and device solutions are developed and improve outcomes for patients.”