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An Interview with Robert Brill, Founder and CEO: ‘We Help Clients Develop a Strategy, Interpret the Data to Help them Understand which Changes will Improve their Sales and Set-Up Marketing Campaigns that are Effective’


“As our business has developed more mature operational processes, we’ve learned that everyone is generally happier if they have a streamlined set of responsibilities.”

The world changes and evolves daily. Each industry does the same, dealing with new challenges and finding new ways to innovate products and services. In recent years, the marketing industry has advanced by leaps and bounds. Between new methods of marketing (content, influencer, etc.) and navigating changing customer behavior, the industry is nothing like it was a mere decade ago.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present — a company that helps independent companies and loved brands run sustainable, scalable, and effective lead generation and sales advertising campaigns.

The company was incorporated in 2013 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

Robert Brill, Founder and CEO, spoke to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Can you tell us in brief about your advertising services and podcast? is platform agnostic, focusing campaigns on strategies that drive meaningful business outcomes for our clients. Our clients run across media, including data-driven banners, video, Facebook and Instagram, TikTok, digital out-of-home, and connected TV ads.

For brands that have creative and strategic resources, we are their media activation partner, helping them reach the right consumers, deliver sales, and show an addressable connection between ad spending and sales. For independent businesses, we recently rolled out a new service that provides the essential solutions needed to scale a business in 2-3 months. This offering includes a marketing strategy, landing page development, creative development, advertising, email marketing, and marketing automation.

We love hearing how businesses grow, so I launched the LA Business Podcast. It’s a place for business owners to share the stories of how they scale businesses. This forum is a great way to connect with entrepreneurs and the podcast is an ongoing expression of growth ideas for our listeners. Episodes are released weekly on Tuesdays.

Q. Tell me more about your new product.

We introduced Spot On Marketing, which is a solution to help independent businesses generate leads and sales effectively and affordably. This subscription program takes the best advertising solutions and pairs them with creative and strategic services that have a direct impact on our client’s business. The market has responded positively to this service.

The big secret that most people don’t realize is that marketing done well doesn’t have to be expensive. Most companies don’t need massive marketing budgets to make a meaningful impact on their business. That’s why we price the Spot On Marketing  package at $1,500 per month and include marketing strategy development, a landing page, ad creative, and email marketing automation. $500 of that investment goes back into paid media for our clients. That total package makes a meaningful difference to business owners who need sales and leads to grow their business.

We are also launching Your Lead Generation Guide, which is a full step-by-step guide to creating a lead magnet, marketing it, and generating new leads piped in daily.

Q. Business owners trying to compete in this highly competitive market usually find themselves facing a dilemma with their marketing campaign. How do you help them find the right tool that they can use and focus on?

Marketing is full-time work. If you don’t have dedicated staff tending to your marketing efforts consistently, your marketing dollars are being wasted. solves that problem. Some people think that access to a Facebook account or Google Ads account is all you need to start marketing, but first, you must have a strategy. With a strategy you’ll know when you are successful and when you need to make changes.

We help clients develop a strategy, interpret the data to help them understand which changes will improve their sales and set-up marketing campaigns that are effective. Knowing how the tools work, the theory behind those tools, and their evolution over time, gives us an advantage that doesn’t exist for people who are having trouble using the communications tools of our time to expand their business.

At, we are advocates for marketing done well.

Q. Tell us about your content development. What are the factors that will contribute to the engagement level?

For many people marketing seems like magic and works to demystify this incredibly powerful practice. A lot of our marketing is comprised of two factors: attention and education.

So, we work to gather the attention of people interested in learning how marketing can grow their business, and then we use that attention to educate them on how marketing can be effective for their businesses. When we post on YouTube, write value-driven consumer downloads (aka lead magnets), write in publications, and give interviews, we’re educating.

In our YouTube series, The Great Reset, we talk about marketing and advertising for business owners, senior marketing executives, and entrepreneurs so our viewers can be better marketing practitioners.

Q. How did you become a nationwide company?

Our business has operated fully remotely by design since the beginning. Originally, it was out of necessity. As a startup, we were mindful of overhead. Later, we realized we could broaden our hiring pool and attain talented team members if we removed the limitation of geographic location.

While we all work from 9 am-6 pm local time, our schedules adapt to our personal needs, including childcare. This has been a win for everyone because the company benefits from hiring experts around the country, and our team can live anywhere they want without disruption to their work schedule.

Q. ‘When people are having fun, they work together better and they produce better work.’ How do you interpret this saying?

Culture and happiness are important to an individual’s success, to the team’s success, and in turn to a business’ success. One of my key jobs as CEO is to create an environment that people are happy to work in. The first big step I took to make that happen was to hire Tony Price, our Chief Operations Officer. He is an incredibly talented executive who brought new energy to the company and has created an overall operation plan inside our organization.

We are dedicated to the team’s development and growth. Our team demonstrates every day that they respect the enormity of the business responsibility they carry. They work hard, get the job done, and we look for ways to reward them for being so good to the business and our clients’ needs.

Q. How have you and your COO teamed together to make changes to your company?

Together, we’ve worked to streamline the ways our business disseminates information across our teams. The core element is understanding the information our teams need so they can be given the right tools they need to be successful. Recently, we’ve expanded our team to create more communications avenues and streamline the work an individual is doing.

As our business has developed more mature operational processes, we’ve learned that everyone is generally happier if they have a streamlined set of responsibilities. This is in sharp contrast to our early startup days when we jumped from project to project. In the earlier days of our business, when we had fewer employees, we didn’t have defined roles for our people. As we’ve grown, it’s become even more critical to ensure that our team has defined roles, processes, and support structures laid out for them.

In the spirit of continuing that operational layout, we’re rolling out an intensive internal education portal consisting of short video webinars and step-by-step explainer videos for the key work that we do. This knowledgebase helps us fast-track new employee onboarding and help us cross-train individuals on the platforms we use.

Q. What does the future hold for BrillMedia and its employees? Are exciting things on the way?

We’ve dedicated 2020 to improve on what makes this company great! We have an amazing team that we are investing in. The executive team continues to tighten operations and processes. We’re excited to provide a new service to existing and new clients. The business is growing and in Q3 we onboarded two new full-timers.

Looking at 2021, our focus will be helping 1,000 independent businesses with our Spot On Marketing service.

About | Robert Brill

Robert Brill, founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Robert is a seasoned executive who has spent 17 years in the advertising arena, working on some of the largest brands in the world. He is dedicated to professional and personal development which he has explored in groups including Birthing of Giants, Entrepreneur’s Organization, Forbes LA Business Council, and Toastmasters.

“We work to gather the attention of people interested in learning how marketing can grow their business and then we use that attention to educate them on how marketing can be effective for their businesses.”