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Naveen Bachkethi, CBNITS CEO and Co-Founder: “We provide out of the box ideas to help you unleash the business potential of new-age technologies for differentiated advantage”


In the digital world we live in, it is very important to evolve with the trend and stay ahead of the competition. This can be achieved by adopting the latest technologies as they help the businesses to remain responsive and agile to developments. Businesses all around the world are now reaching out to custom software developers to meet their unique requirements at a cost competitive with maintaining, modifying, and purchasing commercial software. One of the outstanding features of custom software is the fact that it can grow as a business or an organization changes and grows. Developers and designers can collaborate and assess the future needs of the business and incorporate various features into the application.

Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent custom software development services, but CBNITS stands out from the rest. CBNITS offers next-gen digital services on Custom Software Development, Software Testing & QA, Blockchain Consulting, Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps, Data Science & Machine Learning, Big Data & Business Intelligence, SAP, Cybersecurity, AI & IoT, UX/UI, and Mobile & Web Development. The company provides tailored services for businesses for optimal utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as Flutter, React, Python, Node, AWS, Golang, Blockchain, Big Data, Dynamic 365, and more. CBNITS’ engineers are enabling clients in more than 20 countries to navigate their digital transformation.

In conversation with Naveen Bachkethi, CEO and Co-Founder of CBNITS

Q. What was the motivation behind starting CBNITS?

After spending several years working for some of the top global IT companies, I have observed too many businesses, especially startups, are finding it extremely difficult to get skilled IT professionals and software engineers who are adept in ultra-advanced cutting-edge technologies for their projects. The real motivation behind starting CBNITS is bringing the top talents under one roof who can offer value-driven IT and software services to the early-stage startups as well as to the leading firms looking to bridge the skill gap in their organization. Instead of recruiting permanent IT staff for the company, it simply makes sense to outsource their IT needs and get the right support for a fraction of the cost. I saw a niche in the business and decided to take advantage of it, and CBNITS was born. Now we are a Great Place to Work-Certified® company with 300+ expert-level software engineers serving global clients from our US, India, and Singapore workstations. 

Q. Any company, big or small, must have the sense of authenticity and originality to succeed, what do you want to be, a leader or a follower?

To be very honest, we want to have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we want to drive continuous improvement in our services by building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from our innovation ecosystem to perfectly accommodate the new-age technology needs of our customers within the limited timeframe and budget. We want to raise the bar higher and set new standards in the IT industry that could serve as a role model for thousands of other companies. On the other hand, we want to follow the footsteps of big guns like CTS, VMware, PwC, and TCS and imbibe their business model, culture, and operations for achieving maximum efficiency.

Q. A well-strategized relationship building strategy will help the startup build trust with consumers, potential clients and customers. How do you create a roadmap/campaign that will meet the clients’ demand?

Customers are not just buyers anymore. They’ve got the power to demand experiences on their terms. They want to co-develop products or services and invest in brands they believe in. Nowadays, you cannot immune clients while strategizing a roadmap for client satisfaction; you need to get them involved in the process. At CBNITS, we give customers the greatest power to contribute their own ideas and select components for their products. CBNITS team is reliable, consistent, and performs with a customer-first mindset when it comes to creating a roadmap for client satisfaction. Our engineers take clients as a partner in the entire development phase, and we follow the mantra of co-creation, and the reward is high-level client satisfaction and life-long loyalty from our customers with a 95% client-retention rate even in a world where our competitors are mushrooming left, right and center.

Q. How do you deal with the “never ending change” in digital transformation with innovation?

The tagline of CBNITS is Innovation with Excellence, as we are always ready to embrace, adopt, and apply new tech innovations for faster deliveries, increase productivity, reduce spending, and enhance customer satisfaction. From Cloud Computing to SAP, Blockchain to DevOps, we use modern, proven, and advanced technologies and strategic approaches to deliver scalable products and robust software solutions. We provide continuous training to all our resources so that they remain updated with all the latest tech trends and easily deal with the “never-ending change” in digital transformation with innovation. We recruit only the top talents who can easily learn advanced technologies in quick time and play a key role in driving high-end projects with ease. 

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We keep updating tech stack and work on latest greatest technologies. As we have a wide range of startups as our clients so our tech stacks is always cutting-edge.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We believe ourselves experts in the rapid phase development that is need for any software organization nowadays, strong tech-skilled team with rapid pace development expertise with quality.

Meet the leader behind the success of CBNITS

Naveen Bachkethi is the CEO and Co-Founder at CBNITS. He is a talented and accomplished leader with 16+ years of progressive experience in the IT industry and successfully led engineering teams in Intel, McAfee, and NetSkope & VMWare. He is the software outsourcing leader in Enterprise Security, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Edtech & Fintech.

“With our effective digital solutions and immense expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we are helping companies around the world to transform their businesses”