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Bi-Monthly Special Edition 2021

A clinically-tested, digital health platform that drives engagement and impacts outcomes: 2Morrow


It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that technology has the power to change human behavior. It has become almost commonplace now for us to change the way we do things the instant technology adapts to serve particular needs. And once the technology is there to provide a new and better solution that change becomes permanent and we never look back. Who would even think of pulling off the road to make a phone call… or unfolding a map… or memorizing friends’ phone numbers… or packing around a stack of CDs… or leaving a question un-Googled. 2Morrow's mission is to help millions improve their lives with the use of evidence-based, behavioral change programs. 2Morrow is a leader in pioneering and providing scientifically proven, digital coaching solutions. Founded in 2011 and based in Washington State, 2Morrow focuses on evidence-based programs that combine technology and behavioral science to address some of today’s largest healthcare issues. This innovative approach grew out of collaboration with researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which has been shown to be effective at changing behavior in multiple clinical trials. 2Morrow currently works with employers, states, health plans, major retailers, providers, and public health organizations, placing programs directly into the hands of people who need them most via the convenience and privacy of their smartphones.

Vaping Cessation Program

About 50% of healthcare costs are caused by our own behaviors with smoking, weight, and stress being the major culprits. 2Morrow Health is a digital health platform that addresses key chronic disease drivers and conditions. The teen and young adult vaping epidemic continues to worsen with a reported 30% of high school seniors using nicotine vape products. Although we don’t yet understand all the health effects of vaping, we do know that nicotine is extremely addictive and that it can have negative effects on a maturing brain. Designed for young people who want to quit, participants of this program will learn new ways to deal with unhelpful thoughts, urges and cravings, and then practice moving toward their goals. The program is behaviorally based using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and provides a personalized, non-judgmental and private experience. 

Grief, Loss, and Change Program

Coping with change or loss is difficult even in the best of times. Layered with the complexity of how the pandemic has affected many of us, even the most resilient may find themselves struggling. In addition to the loss of health and life that too many have experienced, people are also enduring the loss of routine, employment, shelter, time with loved ones, and a sense of security and safety among other things. When a person suffers a loss, they may notice thoughts, emotions and feelings that are difficult to control or even explain. What they are experiencing is likely grief. Each person grieves differently, in a completely unique way, and in their own time. Although there is no right or wrong ways to grieve, there are some things that people can do to remain healthy through their process.

Most of us know what we need to do (quit smoking, lose weight, and reduce stress) we just have a hard time doing it. 2Morrow starts with third-wave behavioral science principles that help people actually do what they say they want to do.  2Morrow then uses research-based algorithms and big data to personalize programs to the individual.  As datasets get bigger, the programs get smarter.  Lastly, when participants need extra support or help, they can message a live coach. The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach teaches people how to deal with their unhelpful thoughts, feelings and urges while still working toward valued goals. This creates programs that are both compassionate and effective as shown in multiple clinical trials and real world users. The 2Morrow Health Platform allows groups to offer one program or the full suite. Programs are delivered via an easy to use smartphone application for participants and a real-time dashboard for program administrators - offering both engagement data and population insights.

Meet the leader behind the success of 2Morrow

Jo Masterson assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at 2Morrow in 2020 after serving as its COO since launching in 2011. Starting her career as an RN, Jo brings the real-world experience of working in healthcare systems with a focus on patient care. Over the years, Jo has continued to expand her knowledge of human behavior working in healthcare, education and technology. She is also a successful serial entrepreneur who was named by the Puget Sound Business Journal as a “40 under 40” for making an impact in business and her community. Jo is a thought leader in the digital health/digital therapeutics industry, and passionate about the convergence of mobile technology and behavioral science. She brings a deep understanding of the needs and opportunities in both the digital wellness and emerging digital therapeutics markets.

“Our programs are created in collaboration with behavioral scientists, researchers, healthcare providers and industry experts. The approach has been shown to be effective in multiple clinical trials and studies, including a Phase 3 Clinical Trial.”