10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2018

Committed To Providing the Best, Most Cost-Effective Solutions for Mobile Application Development and Testing: Mobile Labs

thesiliconreview-dan-mcfall-president-mobile-labs-18“We are dedicated to excellence and are devoted to constantly improving our deviceConnect technology to better serve our customers’ needs.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Mobile Labs provides a secure, agile mobile development and testing platform for enterprise mobility, which is almost always the face of the enterprises’ digital transformation. No matter where a team resides geographically, Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ breaks down borders by providing easy device organization and remote sharing, 24x7.

With many of the world’s largest banks as customers, Mobile Labs serves numerous Fortune 500 organizations. Its crown jewel deviceConnect has found great success in enterprises with innovative mobile strategies, such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications/media – companies that need to manage and share real devices among a large and widespread pool of developers, designers, test engineers, support engineers, and others.

Genesis of Mobile Labs

Founded in 2011, the company started from a major retailer’s project that automated regression testing of an employee-facing mobile application. While working on this project and from the founders’ previous experiences with their early clients, the firm’s founders noticed that they were struggling with the pain of managing test device management and access. These struggles in keeping up with devices and making them available to team members were causing a lag in achieving other enterprise mobility goals such as automation, development, and testing. Mobile Labs’ founders saw a problem and set about building a solution to solve it, thus deviceConnect was born. The project yielded the basics of Mobile Labs Trust™, which provides comprehensive, enterprise-grade automated testing that simplifies the delivery of high-quality, high-performance, reliable mobile apps on multiple platforms, mobile OS versions, and device types. Mobile Labs Trust is a certified add-on for MicroFocus’ Unified Functional Testing (UFT) tool.

Growth and Launching the Flagship Product

Mobile Labs has grown by being laser-focused on customer satisfaction and by solving real problems for development and quality organizations faced with the digital transformation of the enterprise. The company was fortunate enough to have had early customers, who are still partners, show them how to expand the utility of deviceConnect not only for their testing teams, but for a wider variety of organizations as well.

While Mobile Labs’ customers had success developing automated test suites with Mobile Labs Trust, the company observed that collaboration, DevOps, remote manual testing and checkout, and managing the availability of and access to test devices were significant challenges in all phases of mobile app delivery. After understanding the market’s need for an open mobile device cloud to solve these challenges, Mobile Labs launched its flagship product, deviceConnect in 2013 as the core of more efficient mobile app design, development, testing, and customer support. deviceConnect has since become a key part of its customers’ enterprise-wide digital transformations.

Challenges on The Path to Success

Mobile Labs was a second arriver in the mobile device cloud market. This was an advantage because the company was able to use software technology (aka mobile apps) that were not available to the first arrivers. This enabled Mobile Labs to invent — and patent — software and architecture for mobile cloud and mobile testing. At first, Mobile Labs did experience several challenges as a result of technology and from its lack of name recognition and deep partner relationships that favored its competitors. But, the company overcame these challenges by keeping a sharp focus on providing world-class customer support and from considering how additional features for deviceConnect could close gaps in its competitors’ abilities to meet customers’ needs.

These additional product features include deviceBridge™, a “virtual USB cable” that enables test engineers to instantly connect real devices from IDEs, such as Xcode and Developer Studio, for testing. deviceConnect also includes a built-in Appium server that provides high levels of performance and enhanced reliability for testers leveraging Appium for automated testing. Mobile Labs has also made strides in offering customers more flexibility in implementation, by making deviceConnect available as either an on-premise or as a hosted solution supported by Mobile Labs’ experts.

The President of Mobile Labs, Dan McFall Talks about the Company’s Motivation and Strengths

“I enjoy watching the team create new solutions and grow professionally. This stewardship of Mobile Labs and its employees also motivates me to push the team to greater success.”

Our greatest attributes

Mobile Labs’ Team: Our team at Mobile Labs is our greatest asset. Without the passion and knowledge that our team brings to work daily, we would not have had the success that we have enjoyed over the past several years. When you have a team that is dedicated to what they are doing and is committed to moving forward, then you know you are successful. We are driven by two principles – to deliver excellent customer service in every phase of the business and to be easy to do business with.

Technology: Thanks to deviceConnect, deviceBridge, and our Appium support, we are a market leader in private device cloud deployment for the enterprise.

Ability to Adapt/Evolve: Mobility is a constantly changing industry. At Mobile Labs, we have responded to demand and managed to stay current.

Great Customers: We have great customers at Mobile Labs, whose feedback has resulted in the product roadmap for deviceConnect over the years. We are committed to listening to our customers and rely on our conversations with customers and meetings at trade shows and industry events to ensure that our products are addressing their needs.

Supportive Community: We are fortunate to have a strong stable of partners who have introduced us to some great organizations over the years. We are also active in our local technology community here in Atlanta, particularly the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) which helps us to build industry relationships.

Greet the Leader

Dan McFall, President: McFall has 20 years of professional and executive experience in the B2B technology sector. McFall is a seasoned, knowledgeable executive with extensive experience spanning mobility, testing, Agile software development and technical support. He has worked with global organizations to improve their development and QA processes around mobile device and application testing. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and an active member and supporter of the Technology Association of Georgia.

“We hope to gain a larger footprint in several of our key verticals, to continue helping enterprise mobility teams to excel. We will continue to make deviceConnect stronger and responsive to whatever the next big trend is in mobile development and testing.”