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ComplianceQuest – Empowering enterprises to manage quality and safety by collaborating with their supply chains, to stay compliant with industry


QHSE is an acronym for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment management. It is a specific type of management approach that any organization, regardless of industry, can use to enhance the quality of processes and products, ensure the health and safety of workers, and monitor environmental impact to promote sustainability. QHSE places an emphasis on communication, incremental improvement, and reducing occupational risks. By continually improving and ensuring efficiency, the standards that are the guiding ideology for QHSE provide assurance to customers that the goods or services they’re investing in are of high quality. Although QHSE’s core standards involve different management procedures, they are able to work together by using a High-Level Structure (HLS). Any business that has an existing ISO management system will find that it’s easy to integrate each standard; they have similar terms, definitions, and text that follow a common framework, and can be used to fill any gaps within a management system.

ComplianceQuest is an Enterprise Quality, Safety and Environment Management (QHSE) solutions platform natively built and run on Salesforce technologies. The firm helps its customers of all sizes deliver quality products and services in the safest, most sustainable way by mitigating risk, problems, and inefficiencies while protecting customers, employees, suppliers and brand. The team at ComplianceQuest is experienced and passionate about quality. Its management team and thought leaders have an average of 20 years of experience in the quality and compliance space. The management team has been instrumental in the evolution of moving industries from looking at information in silos with bespoke systems to one integrated enterprise systems across departments and locations.

Most relevant QHSE services offered by ComplianceQuest

Audit Management: Businesses need to plan their internal and external audits and determine the frequency based on the business risk and relevant regulatory requirements. From audit planning, scheduling to documenting findings and initiating CAPAs where required, CQ Audit Management Software automates the entire audit workflow. Quality leaders can set up calendar views that enable all stakeholders to be alerted about scheduled audits and prepare accordingly. It also empowers them to flexibly choose between complex, stringent or streamlined audits.

CQ CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) Management Software: There are eight key processes in a robust quality management system. These include Nonconformance, Customer Complaints, CAPA, Equipment, Product and Process Inspections, Workforce Digitalization, Audit/Risk and Compliance, and Supplier Management. The key to address any quality issue at a system level is to have an unified QMS that is connected end-to-end. CQ CAPA Management Solution integrates with the rest of the quality processes making it easier for the quality leader to collaboratively implement action plans and verify the effectiveness of a CAPA.

CQ Change Management Software System: The backbone of any quality system, CQ Change Management connects automatically with other QMS processes including CAPA, Document Management and Training Management to ensure seamless integration between QMS processes. It not only assures compliance by maintaining detailed documentation on all changes, such as those related to design specifications, SOPs, materials, suppliers and processes but can also greatly enhance your company’s productivity and customer satisfaction. Ensure compliance through documented workflow tracking and monitoring the execution of all changes. By addressing all processes and other changes systematically – and not simply by trying to recall all the changes in someone’s head – you can be assured that best practices are followed and regulations are complied with appropriately. Conduct impact assessments to understand change effects organization-wide.

Meet the mastermind responsible for ComplianceQuest’s glory

Prashanth Rajendran serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ComplianceQuest. He directly oversees ComplianceQuest’s sales, marketing, partnerships, finance, IT, legal and overall company strategy and direction. He comes to the company with more than twenty-five years’ experience in manufacturing, engineering and quality. Mr. Prashanth has repeatedly produced sustained revenue and EBITDA growth in dynamic and changing markets. He has extensive experience with process automation, which requires a deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple industries. He’s highly successful in building relationships, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments. Prashanth has an MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology in India.

“We continually strive to exceed the expectation of our clients and partners – we’re here for the long-haul.”