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Connecting Homeowners and Renters with Trusted Service Professionals for Everyday Home-Maintenance Needs: HeyBryan Media Inc.


“Customer safety and high-quality workmanship are our top priorities. Consequently, our goal is to attract and approve qualified, experienced experts who take pride in a job well done.”

Online commerce is rightly seen as mainstream among current users. In the past few years, eCommerce has changed the way we sell and buy online. These days it is one of the largest industries among web platforms and, meanwhile, it is constantly growing. When it comes to maintaining your home, it is important to think of it in the same way that you think about your body. When owning a home, you must look at it in the same way as maintaining your health. Your house is one of the largest assets you own. Every home is built differently and therefore requires its unique attention when it comes to maintenance.

Simply waiting until things break is not a good home maintenance schedule. With the help of an app such as HeyBryan that quickly connects with trusted home maintenance experts in your community, maintaining your home can now be both simple and effective. Every expert at HeyBryan Media Inc has been screened, vetted, and interviewed. Everything from booking to payment is streamlined within the app, simple and secure. Be it painting your house or get a table assembled, the HeyBryan app has an expert for the job.

Lance Montgomery, HeyBryan Media Inc. President and CEO, spoke exclusively toThe Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.


Q. Can you brief us about HeyBryan Home Maintenance App?

HeyBryan is a free peer-to-peer marketplace app that offers a time-saving, efficient and user-friendly solution for connecting homeowners and renters with trusted, independent service professionals for everyday home-maintenance needs. All via a seamless 60-second booking process that includes secure payment. The services (tasks) on offer include appliance repair, painting, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, yard work, electrical, general handyman services, and 12 more. While there are similar offerings out there, our real differentiator is that customers get instant access to hundreds of experts that are completely qualified, pre-screened, and trusted.

Q. Why the name HeyBryan?

HeyBryan is created in partnership with HGTV celebrity Bryan Baeumler. He is Canada’s best, loved, and most trusted contractor. As our partner, he’s more than just the face of HeyBryan—we share the same high standards in home maintenance and levels of trust and we’re already making waves in the Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver markets.

Q. Why did you feel that there was a need for HeyBryan in the home maintenance industry?

We started as a passion project by a group of friends, who experienced first-hand how difficult it was to find trusted, reliable, and easily accessible home-service experts. There was no central location where homeowners could go to for their home service needs. We also knew that people with skills want access to customers to make money. Plus, we could capitalize on the exploding gig economy. We broke our plan down to a series of jobs that we knew we had to deliver on:

Job 1: Change the industry perception. Unless it’s a big job, many home service pros won’t even answer the phone.

Job 2: Introduce tech to reimagine the market. Stop homeowners from feeling taken advantage of by established contractors; prevent skilled workers from being shut out of the market. Ensure transparency, convenience, and access – and let market forces prevail. Enable a peer-to-peer marketplace that provides a way for each cohort to effortlessly find the other.

Job 3: Dominate the space by inspiring confidence and trust. Become the game-changer, and the go-to, for both parties.

Job 4: Make the entire process seamless. An experience that’s easy, efficient, and enjoyable, is worthy of repeating, and recommending to others.

Q. How do you recruit and approve HyBryan experts? How do you prevent mis-hires?


Customer safety and high-quality workmanship are our top priorities. Consequently, the company’s goal is to attract and approve qualified, experienced experts who take pride in a job well done. In other words, they are trusted and trusted to do a great job. Anyone can apply to become a HeyBryan expert—they then need to go through online screening, background checks, ID verification, and a final telephone interview before being approved. After that, the marketplace takes over, with customer ratings and reviews.

How do you maintain a strong relationship with users? How does feedback help you?

We’re actually in constant communication with our customers and experts. We conduct regular surveys and customer-satisfaction calls to proactively collect app feedback. Plus, we ask about the overall offline experience (that is, feedback from customers on having an expert in their home and from the expert on what it was like working for that customer).

The results feed enhancements to the app and to influence internal processes and systems in marketing, customer service, and product development. We also regularly monitor and respond to the ratings and reviews.

What are the factors that contribute to your success?

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the home maintenance space, by making a booking and completing household tasks easy, efficient, affordable, and, yes, even enjoyable.

The following also contribute to our success:

  • Customer acquisition (people signing up and using the service),
  • Expert recruitment (attracting the right people to do the work),
  • Referrals (providing a service good enough to tell friends and family),
  • Ratings and reviews (strong engagement post task completion).

Q. How do you market your services?

We’ve developed a predictable, scalable, user acquisition model. AI-driven (platform) user-acquisition is employed through social channels—primarily Facebook and Instagram. Our referral program helps too, especially with incentives built-in. Of course, there are also paid search targeting users who are actively looking for home service professionals. Then there’s also traditional local print media, while organic growth occurs through our DIY blog, and engagement is constant via social channels and smart SEO practices.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We’ve just introduced four new service (task) categories: yardwork, window cleaning, power washing, and garage door repair. And in May, we’re launching a Smart Home Installation service, meaning customers will be able to use HeyBryan to install and set up their smart home devices for full connectivity.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next five years?

As a growth company, we are currently focused on the Canadian market, with plans to expand into other cities and other task categories in the next year. But we also recognize that the home maintenance sector is a global opportunity.

The Galvanizing Leader Behind the Success of HeyBryan Media Inc. — Lance Montgomery

Lance Montgomery, Founder/President, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of HeyBryan Media Inc. He is a visionary entrepreneur and business leader who has spent over 15 years building organizations from early stage to acquisition. He is focused on building high performance, award-winning teams that have served global brands across the continent. Mr. Montgomery’s significant technology industry background encompasses end-to-end sales and marketing management, numerous app builds, and top-tier technology team building.

“We’re on a mission to revolutionize the home maintenance space, by making a booking and completing household tasks easy, efficient, affordable, and enjoyable.”