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Creating a Job Market of Choice for Customers and Candidates: Ralf Baumann, CEO, StepStone


Searching for a job can get extremely frustrating for seekers, and much more so for corporations looking to recruit the right candidate for their requirements. Most medium to large sized companies struggle to hire talented individuals and retain them. Lack of satisfaction and fulfillment is one of the major reasons why people quit their jobs, even if it is a high paying one. Various professional networking websites have sprung up aiming to bridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters. In addition to those, there are several job search companies that broadcast professional profiles of people to companies looking to fill a vacancy. One such company is called StepStone, a leading player in the market for recruitments.

StepStone has a single goal: to accurately match the best candidates with the best companies. More than 60,000 companies use the StepStone job boards successfully for the recruitment of qualified specialists and executive staff. Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board businesses today. It operates over 10 top brands with 60 million visits and more than 600,000 jobs per month. Keeping in mind that talent is key; the company wants to be the job market of choice for customers and candidates.

Making a Difference

StepStone has a vision to build a company where talent can thrive and flourish, but not within the company itself. Rather, its founding mission was to allow talented individuals to find ideal jobs that matched their skill set. The company provides competitive pay, craft challenging roles that fit the business and reward people for excellence, and also invests in people’s development and encourages employees to bring their whole self to work – so that they can be at their best. StepStone asks that employees be trustworthy and that they trust their managers in return. The firm promises not to cheat nor mislead, instead commits to transparency and accountability, in order to get the very best ideas, and ultimately to do the right things for everyone, always. It’s about driving spectacular results for everyone, no matter what industry they serve. When they do, the employees are happy, customers and candidates are happy…and so are the shareholders.

StepStone asks all employees to seek to delight its customers and candidates at all times and be passionately result oriented. The company’s logo is the most visible component that identifies StepStone in its communication. The logo does not contain a baseline, product names or similar additions. The logo position has an appropriate space on all sides. The full-color StepStone logo is placed on a white or light-grey background only.

International Job Posting

No matter in which country a client would like to recruit candidates from, StepStone can help using its vast network of own and partner websites. Through the company network, recruiters can publish job adverts on leading job boards in over 130 countries. Recruitment is not just a one-shot tactical action. Knowing that the companies who work continuously and consistently on their employer brand are the most successful when it comes to attracting qualified candidates, StepStone offers tailored advice and reinforce a particular employer brand.

The company is more than just a machine or a website. More than 2200 enthusiastic people work very hard to deliver the best possible results for customers and job seekers alike. Their experienced management team is no exception and leads by example.

Some Testimonials from Happy Customers

“Our own staff is bringing in many new candidates. Aside from that, StepStone has become our main recruitment source, whether we are looking for young people with a technical profile or for experienced candidates to join our sales team or to work as consultants. We don’t need any other job sites.”

- Lieven Huygens, Talent Manager

“StepStone offers us a superb professional service by competent staff. We benefit from individual counseling for optimizing our job adverts by our personal contact. Also thanks to this support, we always achieve excellent recruitment results with StepStone.”

- Stefan KlasenPersonalberatung/-betreuung

“We work with different job sites, but StepStone is the most flexible and pro-active partner. We gain a lot of time when recruiting because of the high service quality of the StepStone team. Our StepStone consultant is always available for advice and suggests the best solutions quickly.”

- Julie Applincourt, Development Director

Meet the Pioneer behind StepStone, Ralf Baumann

Ralf Baumann joined StepStone in July 2002 as Managing Director of StepStone Germany.

In October 2005 he added overall management responsibility for StepStone Online across all its markets, covering sales, marketing, and customer service. Ralf has extensive experience in HR services and personnel administration software and in the sales and marketing of enterprise software solutions.

Before joining StepStone Ralf was the Sales, Marketing, and Alliances Director at PeopleSoft GmbH. He previously held executive positions at a number of major software companies including Siebel Systems, SAP and SSA.

“Right people in the right place at the right time at the right cost.”