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CyberX – Protecting people, production & profits by providing the most interoperable solution


Cybercriminals and state-sponsored hackers are exploiting every possible opportunity to disrupt, profit, and destroy. Millions of unmanaged IoT devices such as wireless sensors, printers, routers, CCTV cameras, smart TVs, and smart building devices give adversaries new digital pathways into an enterprise. These embedded devices can’t be protected by agent-based technologies.

CyberX is a firm that accelerates digital transformation by delivering the simplest, most complete, and most interoperable solution for reducing risk from unmanaged IoT and ICS devices. Founded by blue-team experts with a track record of defending critical national infrastructure, CyberX is the only cybersecurity company to have been awarded a patent for its M2M-aware threat analytics and machine learning technology. Notable CyberX customers include 2 of the top 5 US energy providers; a top 5 global pharmaceutical company; a top 5 US chemical company; and national electric and gas utilities across Europe and Asia-Pacific. Partners include industry leaders such as Palo Alto Networks, IBM Security, Splunk, Optiv Security, McAfee, DXC Technology, and Deutsche-Telekom/T-Systems.

Q. Why CyberX?

CyberX delivers continuous monitoring and vulnerability management with zero impact on operational networks. It discovers and displays a complete network map of all assets, reaching into all areas of production to give their clients a clear picture of all devices and how they communicate with each other. The firm integrates with SOC workflows and existing security stack to provide unified security governance across both IT and IoT and ICS.

CyberX: Creating a difference with their simplest and complete solutions

Asset Management

CyberX auto-discovers all your IoT and ICS assets and displays a constantly up-to-date network topology diagram showing how all devices are connected. CyberX builds a network topology diagram, using the Purdue Model, showing how all devices are connected to each other as well as any connections to IT networks. Devices can be highlighted on the map (or filtered) based on tags including protocols used, polling intervals, standard ports, and subnets.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

As the most complete industrial cybersecurity platform, the CyberX platform is able to analyze any IoT and ICS environment and return an objective risk score. That’s why CyberX’s Vulnerability Assessment report has quickly become the industry standard that boards of directors, internal auditors, regulators, and other overseers are looking for.

Threat Monitoring & Detection

CyberX uses 5 separate yet integrated analytics engines to immediately detect both zero-day and known threats in real-time.

Behavioral Anomalies: CyberX uses an innovative, patented technology called Industrial Finite-State Modeling (IFSM) to quickly spot baseline deviations by modeling ICS networks as deterministic sequences of states and transitions.

Protocol Violations: indicating the use of packet structures and field values that violate ICS protocol specifications as defined by IoT and ICS vendors. These indicate potential misuse of the IoT and ICS protocol to exploit device or network vulnerabilities.

Industrial Malware: Behaviors indicating the presence of known malware such as WannaCry and NotPetya as well as purpose-built IoT and ICS malware such as TRITON and Industroyer.

Machine-To-Machine (M2m) Communications: It is identified via ICS-aware heuristics such as PLCs should not typically be communicating with other PLCs.

Operational Issues: It uses intermittent connectivity indicating early signs of equipment failure.

Soc Integration

CyberX reduces complexity and eliminates IT/OT silos by integrating out-of-the-box with your existing SOC workflows and security stack.

Centralized Management

CyberX’s scalable architecture enables centralized visibility and control across multiple tiers in the organization, giving you a single unified view of IoT and ICS risk across all their sites worldwide.

The driving force behind the robust glory of CyberX

Omer Schneider is the Co-founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of CyberX. Prior to co-founding CyberX, Mr. Omer Schneider led a blue team cybersecurity unit tasked with protecting critical national infrastructure, where he headed day-to-day cybersecurity operations and managed the development and acquisition of security technologies across all layers of the security stack. He was also invited to be a member of his country’s national cybersecurity initiative and is a contributing member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). Omer holds a BSc. in Computer Engineering from the Technion Institute and an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University Business School.

“CyberX isn’t just a business” for us; it represents a moral obligation to do what we do best. We’re here because we want to be. And that makes all the difference in the world.”